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Skin Necrosis and Rhinoplasty

How common is skin necrosis from rhinoplasty,in most cases I have read it occured usually during within a month post surgery. I am now more then 3... READ MORE

Skin Necrosis, Will Skin Heal? (photo)

I developed a skin infection 5 days post rhinoplasty, which has lead to skin necrosis on the tip of my nose. Was put on a stronger course of... READ MORE

Is this pressure necrosis? If so, how do I treat it? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty surgery around 6 years ago. Several months ago, my nose started to get a bit red and painful. I went to an ENT clinic only to... READ MORE

Does Early Revision Rhinoplasty Increase Risk of Skin Necrosis on Nose?

Due to scar contracture if the nose tip have positioned itself way up high than intended, if there is an early touch-up revision that is needed (2... READ MORE

How Long To Wait For Corrective Surgery for Nose After Dermal Filler Necrosis?

Hi,I had dermal fillers injected in my nose in mid jan and developed complications (infection and necrosis 4inc x 3inc).my healing was thru secondary... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty; Pressure Necrosis?

Hi, I had a closed incision "I" shaped silicone implant a week ago and the only pain left is the part in between my nose tip and columella. That area... READ MORE

Is this a skin necrosis? How can I get rid of this? I am having this for 2 months.. (photos)

I am having this pimple for a months and it never go away is this a skin necrosis? I have L silicone rhinoplasty and I'm 1 year post op now.. can this... READ MORE

Concerns Regarding the First Week of Recovery After Primary Rhinoplasty?

In the first week of recovery after primary rhinoplasty, how can you tell if post-operative skin issues such as severe inflammation or necrosis is... READ MORE

Necrosis.... when can a post rhino patient feel "safe" from this?

1 yr post. Looking into revision, you come across freaky stuff. There are a few issues with my results, one being my tip still gets white and splotchy... READ MORE

Pus-like bumps with bleeding and numbness - sign of necrosis? (Photo)

Hi - please help! I had rhinoplasty 1 year ago. At post op, doctor performed rasping and injected something into the right side of tip/nostril to add... READ MORE

Could Drainage PO Be Necrosis or From Smoking?

Hi. I stopped smoking 2.5 weeks before surgery, and "cheated" here and there. The Park Ave. DR knew all about this and cleared me for surgery. I bled... READ MORE

Danger hyaluronic acid on the tip zone after Rhinoplasty?

Hi, after a nose job, I want to know if hyaluronic acid injections are dangerous on the sides of the tip of the nose just before the nostrils, can it... READ MORE

I am curious can necrosis happen on the inside of the nose after rhinoplasty? Or does it happen just on the outside?

If it does happen on the inside, how would you be able to tell, since the nose is swollen on the inside after surgery READ MORE

Hole the size of a grain of rice in my left nostril on the septum 3 weeks after open rhino with corrective sinus work (Photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 3 and a half today I discovered a small hole on the left side of my septum. It doesn't go through and was difficult to... READ MORE

Can I get rhinoplasty after experiencing necrosis from non-surgical nose job?

I've had fillers (HA & Radiesse) put in my nose to conceal my dorsal hump. Unfortunately, I experienced Vascular Compromise/Threatened Necrosis on the... READ MORE

Dark red line beneath incision. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

Open rhinoplasty 5 days ago. I know it's very early to be sure of anything, but I noticed this dark line underneath the incision since about day 2. Is... READ MORE

Cartilage exposure noted. The whitish area in nostril is increasing. Very worried its tissue necrosis.No pain/fever. (photo)

Day 14 post FESS & Septo-Rhinoplasty. Dr noted cartilage exposure in left nostril. What is this whitish area? Is the cartilage exposure getting worse?... READ MORE

Can a filler define the tip of nose on pre-existing Rhinoplasty?

Could an injectable filler like restylane shape the tip of a slightly bulbous nose to make it look sharper and more defined? Would it be safe to put... READ MORE

How soon will you know if your developing necrosis ?

I had 2 rhinoplastys, still not satisfied , I let a nurse Inject juvederm into my nose tip a few weeks ago now I'm worried about necrosis. When will... READ MORE

Skin necrosis after a rhinoseptoplasty - Negligence? (Photo)

Hello, i'm 23, non-smoker and i have no history of vascular disease. I have had the surgery 1 week ago. One day after the surgery the Doctor visited... READ MORE

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