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Is It Possible to Get Nasolabial Angle Back?

I had Rhinoplasty 10 months ago and the Doctor released the depressor muscle, so that my tip didn’t drop when I smile. My Nasolabial angle... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Vs Midface Lift Vs Fat Transfer Rhinoplasty

I want to do something about my face. I Don't know what. Should I get buccal fat removal and fat transfer or, a mid facelift? I had big cheeks as... READ MORE

Would Restylane on Nasolabial Fold Affect Rhinoplasty?

I'm considering getting Restylane in nasolabial folds, but am also interested in Rhinoplasty in 2 months. The Rhinoplasty would include alar base... READ MORE

Will a Rhinoplasty and a Chin Implant Have Any Effect on the Nasolabial Folds?

I'm planning on having a Rhinoplasty done. However, when I went to the Dr. She suggested I should get a Chin Implant also. I'm very self... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty change your nasolabial fold? (photo)

When I was 12 and younger, it was a perfect button nose. Then I started messing with it and injured it a few times. Seldom, I feel pain at the bridge.... READ MORE

What is a paranasal augmentation?

Apparently implants can be used in this area. Is this the nasolabial fold area? READ MORE

How can my nasolabial angle be reduced? (photo)

As you can see , my philtrum slopes forwards, is it possible to bring it back to a more regular angle? I have had a consultation with PS who doesn't... READ MORE

Can I Correct Asymmetrical Nasal Folds with Rhinoplasty?

I have asymmetrical nasal folds which make my smile asymmetrical. the left corner of my mouth doesn't life as high as my right leaving my lip also... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty changed upper lip position; What did this doctor use to change the nasolabial angle from acute to obtuse? (photo)

Hello. What did this doctor use to change the nasolabial angle from acute to obtuse? Besides rotating the tip. The upper lip went toward the face... READ MORE

Can Droopiness of Nasal Tip Be Addressed by Correction of Nasolabial Fold or by Fat Injection?

As we age, as the nasolabial fold becomes depressed, the upper lip rises, therefore decreasing the angle between the upper lip and the tip of nose-... READ MORE

1 months post op, my nasolabial angle too open. Rhinoplasty bad results. How to fix it? (photos)

A month ago I had a rhinoplasty. I am very sad and dissapointed with results . The doctor left me the nasolabial angle too open and does not look... READ MORE

Can a sunken in nasolabial angle be fixed? (Photo)

It looks balanced when this angle is corrected at the same time as tip is projected if this angle is sunken in. the angle where the columella meets... READ MORE

Can my nose tip be 'compressed' to get a more masculine nose? (photos)

Can my nose tip be 'compressed' slightly to get a smaller nasolabial angle and a less uprurned nose, all without touching the bone, but just the... READ MORE

I have uneven nasolabial folds and I'm looking for a solution? (Photo)

I am 28 years old and when I smile w/ teeth, I have this ugly fold of skin that is hollow right by my nose. It has prevented me from smiling hard. I... READ MORE

Changing Nasofrontal/Nasolabial angles with Rhinoplasty. Realistically, how much can these be altered by? (photo)

 I'd like an increase in the Nasofrontal angle in particular as my nose sticks out quite far from my face. I'd also like an increase in the... READ MORE

After rhinoplasty, I have a deep, painful nasolabial fold & creasing. What can I do? (Photo)

A lot went wrong. Part of my side cartilage was torn out by a sloppy surgeon. I am incredibly self conscious about this depression. It is also painful... READ MORE

What kind of surgery would I need to make my face more feminine and symmetrical?

I know I want a nose job done, and also lip fillers, but would it be worth it to also get my nasolabial folds filled in too? READ MORE

Is there a way to fix my uneven nasolabial folds? (Photos)

18 years old. I have always hated my nasolabial folds. In the mirror I can not notice it but when I see pictures of myself it looks terrible. My right... READ MORE

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