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Rhinoplasty with Concha Bullosa Surgery Possible?

I have had sinus issues in the past. An MRI revealed a concha bullosa. Do you think I need surgery for this? I also have always wanted rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to See a Person's Nasal Cartilage Before Surgery, Such As by X-ray or MRI?

Is There Any Way to See a Person's Nasal Cartilage Before Surgery, Such As by X-ray or MRI? READ MORE

Goretex insert in nose. Safe to take MRI screening?

I had coretex put into nose about 5 yrs ago. I need to take MRI screening next week for my neck nerve issue. But I am not sure if Coretex insert is... READ MORE

Considering rhinoplasty. Do I also have a deviated septum? (photos)

I'm considering rhionplasty but before my consultation, I'd like to determine if I also have a deviated septum so that a functional approach can be... READ MORE

Can I do MRI exam because I have silicone implant in my nose and I did the double eyelids?

Hi, I need to MRI exam for my abdominal problems but I am wondering can I do it because I have silicone implant in my nose and I did the double... READ MORE

Would a sinus MRI scan also show nasal bones and cartilage?

Hello, I'd like to refer myself for upright MRI scan, I've found out they do sinus MRI scan's now I'm wondering if this would show my nasal bones and... READ MORE

Can I get Rhinoplasty with a Deviated Septum? MRI photos attached. (photos)

Hello, for a while I have wanted Rhinoplasty. For unrelated reasons, I recently had an MRI which showed what I think is a deviated septum. I suffer no... READ MORE

Have you seen facial flushing and warmth post Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty & septoplasty 2 1/2 months ago and 10 days post surgery started to develop extreme facial flushing/warmth and tingling in my... READ MORE

Septal Reconstruction - I have no septal cartilage. How is nasal reconstruction done and what extent of damage is fixable?

I have no septal cartilage and not sure where to start. Should I get an MRI of my face first? It has causing me headaches and puffy under eyes in the... READ MORE

Do I have a deviated septum and should I get it repaired? (Photos)

When I was born my nose was smashed to the side. I have always had problems breathing through both sides of my nose. I also suffer from sinus... READ MORE

MRI photo - nose infection or not? (Photo)

Hello , what can u tell from this photo is this deep implant infection or not READ MORE

What kind of scans will reveal my nose implant?

I had a nose surgery many years ago and I wonder if CT scan or X ray or MRI be able to show my Silicone implant ? If i am doing a head CT scan or head... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and MRI scan. Will my implant show up on the scan?

I had rhinoplasty surgery many years ago and its a silicone implant. I will be going for a head MRI, i wonder if the scan will show that I had a nose... READ MORE

Should I cancel cosmetic rhinoplasty/nasal osteotomy because history of pituitary lesion?

3 years ago: incidental MRI finding of 1.5 mm stable pituitary lesion. 2 years ago: ER b/c headache & vomiting- MRI showed enlarged pituitary... READ MORE

Is useful MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) to see the cartilage (in particular lower) inside my nose?

I had a rhinoplasty some years ago and despite my nose is esthetically and functionally well done, if I touch it with my fingers I feel like cartilage... READ MORE

Hypoplasia right sigmoid sinus and rhinoplasty - interfere with anesthesia?

I had an MRI of the brain about a year ago after a car accident. It indicated that I have absence or hypoplasia of the right sigmoid sinus. What does... READ MORE

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