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1 Week After Rhinoplasty, Was Told Laughing for a Couple Days After Removing Splint but I Did, Could I have Done Damage?

I got rhinoplasty 6 days ago. Today I has my splint taken off any my sutures removed. I was told not to laugh for two days, but I laughed very hard... READ MORE

Can I Damage my Nose 1-2 Weeks Following Rhinoplasty by Laughing?

Hello! It's been 11 days since my rhinoplasty, I`m still wearing a splint and there was no visible bruising just swelling until this afternoon, when I... READ MORE

Will Laughing a Lot Affect my Rhinoplasty Results?

I just had open rhinoplasty. doctor only worked at improving my tip and nostrils. first week of the surgery hasn't been over yet. i laughed alot... READ MORE

When I laugh, my nose looks ugly. I don't know why?

My mouth are also large so I can't smile or laugh without covering my face.And when people look directly at my face I look beautiful,but looking at... READ MORE

Laughing Hard Less Than a Week After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

So I had ceptorhinoplasty almost a week ago and these past couple of days I've had a few moments where I have started to crack up laughing. I have... READ MORE

Laughing after rhinoplasty. The nose base and columella hurt when i laugh. Is it possible I have ruined my rhinoplasty results?

2 days after removing the cast off my nose i have seen a small difference in the nostrils,i think they have gotten a bit droopy and bigger than they... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, when I Laugh Nose Looks Stiff and Not Quiet Natural, is That Normal? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty one and a half week ago, my nose looks smaller than it was, and natural and I'm happy with that. My upper lip is becoming more... READ MORE

What can I do to improve my flaring nostrils and upside down arrow look when I smile? Will Alar Base Surgery help? (photo)

I really don't like my nose. I haven't for many years. I like that it has a straight bridge, but I don't like how my nostrils flare and how my nose... READ MORE

Can smiling, grinning or prolonged laughter 16 days after septorhinoplasty have any negative impact on my nose and final result?

I find myself becoming very paranoid about the littlest things, as though I might somehow inadvertently damage my new nose. For two weeks I held back... READ MORE

Would laughing create bleeding from the nose?

I've just recently had a rhinoplasty, and I still have my plaster on. I've been laughing a lot lately and each time I laugh or even smile for an short... READ MORE

Will laughing and smiling 5 days after Rhinoplasty affect the aesthetic outcome?

My dr never really sat down and told me what to do and what not to do. After reading a lot of different websites I've seen people saying to limit... READ MORE

Will my tip get down after septorhinoplasty? Will i be able to smile/yawn/laugh normally? When can i sleep normally?

I got my septorhinoplasty 6 days ago and ill be removing my cast on saturday. I somehow can breathe. Ive been healing quickly thanks god , but it... READ MORE

When I laugh or yawn it feel like something is ripping apart inside my nose.

I'm 6 weeks post op from an open septorhinoplasty. When I smile or yawn it feels like something is ripping/pulling inside my right nostril. I thought... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct a droopy nosetip(esp. when laughing) without having to rotate the whole nose projection higher?

I want my nose to be more supported to avoid droopy smile,without having to project every part of the nose higher:alar structure,nostril projection... READ MORE

I had an open rhinoplasty 10 days ago, will laughing cause any bad results ?

I try to keep my facial expressions as minimum as I can, but my friends keep making me laugh, I laugh and a lot , but my nose really really hurts and... READ MORE

I'm 8 days post surgery. Is it ok to laugh, smile and talk a lot?

I was 8 days post-surgery and decided to venture out to dinner w/ friends this weekend. Despite the fact that I abstained from alcohol/excess sodium,... READ MORE

Laughing a day after bandages removed?

About a day after I got my bandages removed, I got stuck in a situation so funny I vomited. Not proud of it, but I'm not going to lie. I laughed very,... READ MORE

I've popped a stitch on the inside of my front cartilage from laughing a week after rhinoplasty surgery. Should I be worried?

I had rhinoplasty/genioplasty done a week ago and I'm worried because I was playing outside with my son and he did something funny and I couldn't help... READ MORE

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