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Hanging Columella After Rhinoplasty 1.5 Years Ago? (photo)

Hello i had rhinoplasty in michigan by an experienced board certified rhinoplasty specialist. 1 and 1/2 years ago now. im very happy with the hump... READ MORE

I Want to Get my Hanging/drooping Columella Fixed?

Hey...i am 18...and i have a hanging looks really basically i want to get a surgery done to get it fixed....ONLY the... READ MORE

Hanging Columella? (photo)

Hello, i had open rhinoplasty a year ago, and for whatever reason the surgeon did not correct my columella. it hangs lower than my nostrils and when i... READ MORE

Bad Nose Job All Around, Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

I think I made the biggest mistake in having rhinoplasty. I had a nice nose before but wanted some refinement. So far after 3 weeks and 2 days (I know... READ MORE

Lifting Up the Nose?

How do rhinoplasty surgeons lift the nose up if it looks bendy and covers your mouth, how would that problem be adressed in terms of how would the... READ MORE

I Want a More Refined Nose, Are my Expectations Realistic, or Am I at Too Much of a Risk for my Nose to Look Worse? (photo)

My nose has a little bit of a bulbous tip, as well as a line at the tip and on the columella, a "butt" nose. The columella hangs down as well. I like... READ MORE

Columella/upper Lip Issues? (Photo)

I have a naturally hanging columella, and it seems to be attached to my upper lip at a weird angle. Is this something that can be addressed during... READ MORE

Can a Hanging Columella Make a Nose Look Longer? (photo)

I have a hanging columella and was just wondering how my face could improve if i got it fixed. I was wondering if a hanging columella can make a nose... READ MORE

I Have a Long Nose with an Overprojected/droopy Tip with a Hanging Columella and a Big Dorsum Hump, Can I Fix All This?

I have many issues with my nose, i fear my surgeon will not address all these issues to his maximum potential due to the time and effort needed, are... READ MORE

Hanging Columella After Rhinoplasty 4 Weeks? (Photo)

I did my rhinoplasty exactly 4 weeks ago and i am very unsatisfied. My original nose is flat, therefore goretex implant was use to heightened the... READ MORE

Hanging Columella and Overprojective Nose? (photo)

I'm 25 and have a large, overprojective nose with a hanging columella. Is it possible to reduce columella, nostrils, nose projection and wideness from... READ MORE

I want to get my hanging columella fixed. What would you recommend? (photos)

I just turned 18. I have a hanging columella. Its bothered me for so long and i have finally decided to look into getting it fixed. I basically just... READ MORE

Do I Need a Nose Job? How Extensive Would the Corrections Needed Be? (photo)

I feel that the tip protrudes too far and the columella hangs a bit low. Also, the septum is slightly crooked, giving my nose a crooked appearance. READ MORE

Hanging Columella Reduction Change the Profile?

I had rhinoplasty 5 years ago andi have a hanging columella that im looking to get fixed. Im happy with everything, but the columella just comes to... READ MORE

How should I correct my drooping tip / hanging columella (male)? (Photo)

The tip of my nose dips, especially when I smile, and I would like to correct this. Please see the attached photos. In some of the photos, I've used... READ MORE

Considering: Raising Columella, Shortening Tip of Nose, What Type of Cast? How Much Swelling?

Nose: Hanging columella. longer than desired length. Though, tolerable. Considered Rhinoplasty Surgeries: Raising columella, shortening tip, very... READ MORE

Hanging Columella, Deviated Septum, Breathing Problems. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I'm really considering getting rhinoplasty for my hanging columella. I might also have deviated septum because i find it hard to breath sometimes... READ MORE

6 Months After Rhinoplasty Hanging Columella and Uneven Nostrils? (photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty, to make the bridge smaller as it was too wide & a bump removed from along the bridge, nostrils were pulled in and my... READ MORE

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