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Nasal packing is coming out?

I can't reach my doctor's office right now since it's too late. It's been >48h post surgery where I had a septoplasty, my nasal bones put back into... READ MORE

Do my stitches fall out or dissolve?

It's been two weeks since I've had a septoplasty rhinoplasty and my dissolvable stitches are starting to stick out on the inside wall of my septum and... READ MORE

My dissolvable stitch fell out 5 days after nasal sill incision. Will this negatively impact the results?

There were 2 stitches in each nostril, one permanent on the outside, and one dissolvable on the inside. My PS removed the permanent ones on the... READ MORE

Whay to do if nasal packing comes out?

My son broke his nose on two days ago. Was reset yesterday and the packing came out of his mouth today. What should we do? Thank you so much. READ MORE

I'm 4 days post op from Open Rhinoplasty. Is it too early for my disposable stitches to fall out? (photo)

My stitches appear to be coming out 4 days post-op from open rhinoplasty. Is this too early and if so is there anything my surgeon can do to correct this? READ MORE

5 Days Post Op Tip Refinement Rhinoplasty and the Tapes Have Fallen Off?

Should I be concerned that the tapes have fallen off? It has been 5 days since the initial surgery. I didn't have a splint and I believe the healing... READ MORE

My silicone nose implant fell out. What can I do?

I had rhinoplasty(closed) a few months ago & the tip of the implant has been extruding from the incision inside my nose. My surgeon doesn't live... READ MORE

Nasal splint fell off after Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions?

I had rhinoplasty on August 4th. The splint stayed in place for almost 2 weeks. My surgeon suggested to keep it for another week. After two days it... READ MORE

Will cartilage grafts fall out?

I just had cartilage grafts put into my nose to help with the sides of my nostrils collapsing when I breathe. My question is how to these grafts stay... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty implant falling out of nose

What stops an inserted rhinoplasty implant from sliding down the nose bridge due to gravity and weakens the skins on the nose tip and then even... READ MORE

Is the depressed line where the sill excision made will be gone? (photos)

After a few days the scabs where the sill excision made have gradually fall off. I notice there's a depressed line formed. It's visible and it's... READ MORE

Are dissolvable threads after Rhinoplasty supposed to fall on its own or dissolved?

Hi doctors, I first had issue lying my head low for 3 days as I feel blood gushing into my nostrils down to my upper lip. I saw blood inside one of my... READ MORE

Do I have an infection after Rhinoplasty?

I had an infection 2 weeks after primary rhinoplasty 18 months ago. have no foreign grafts nor permanents sutures. took many antibiotics over the last... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my nose / stitches?

I've recently had a septorhinoplasty (15th June), apparently the stitches that were used are supposed to fall out by themselves. But I'm getting a bit... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old and had a Rhinoplasty about 2 months ago and now I'm noticing that my hair is falling out more than normal.

I do have fine long hair so its getting me very worried. Does this have anything to do with my past surgery? and if so approximately how long will it... READ MORE

It feels and looks like my cast is slipping down 2 days after Rhinoplasty. Still constant bleeding from nostrils.Any suggestion?

I had rhinoplasty 2 days ago. Everything went well. Except the nurse was icing my face and could have wet my cast and she wasn't meant to. It looks as... READ MORE

Waxy nose graft has fallen out, should I get a replacement?

I had a septo rhinoplasty nearly two years ago. The PS told me he had put in a nose graft to raise my tip. About six months afterwards this piece of... READ MORE

I've done Nasoplasty a week ago (today is the seventh day) and the splints suddenly fell off. Any suggestions?

It supposed to be removed in the second week after the operation. Will the removal (after one week only) affect the shape or the internal structure? READ MORE

Nose packing started coming out the same night as my rhinoplasty by sneezing, what do I do?

Nose packing started coming out the same night as my rhinoplasty by sneezing. So I just took them out completely. I have nothing inside my nose only... READ MORE

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