Revision Rhinoplasty Videos

Rhinoplasty Surgery Swelling Expected Results

Dr. Andrew Frankel talks about the associated swelling that one may experience after their rhinoplasty. He discusses the different phases of swelling and what to expect during each phase. VIEW NOW

Revision Septorhinoplasty Results

Dr. Michael Elam performed a revision rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty combination procedure on this woman. He removes the splint from her nose for the first time since surgery and shares her results in this video. VIEW NOW

Insider's Guide to Rhinoplasty

Dr. Anthony Corrado shares his expertise regarding cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty surgery. He discusses the challenges of the procedure, patient goals, surgical techniques, recovery and benefits of the procedure. VIEW NOW

What is Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Anthony Corrado discusses revision rhinoplasty surgery and the process behind the procedure. He elaborates on the cosmetic and functional aspects of the procedure, as well as surgical technique. VIEW NOW

Septorhinoplasty Results Before & After Surgery

Dr. Michael Elam performed a revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty combination procedure on this man. He removes the splint from his nose for the first time since surgery and sees his results. VIEW NOW


Recovery After Rhinoplasty: How Long Will It Take?

Dr. Jonathan Zelken answers a question regarding recovery expectations after nose surgery and outlines the different factors that can affect the recovery timeline. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty: The Recovery Period

Dr. Michael Carlisle discusses the common themes of recovery after plastic surgery of the nose, as well as some tips on how to best recover. VIEW NOW

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Rhinoplasty 101: Here's What You Need To Know

Dr. Phillip Garcia discusses what rhinoplasty entails, what to expect in recovery, and what to look for when deciding on a doctor. VIEW NOW

What to Do If You Are Unhappy With Your Rhinoplasty Results

Dr. Carlos Wolf discusses what to do if you are unhappy with your rhinoplasty results in under 60 seconds. VIEW NOW

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Revision Nose Surgery: What Is Secondary Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Philip Solomon explains what a secondary rhinoplasty surgery entails and how it differs from a normal rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

What to Expect with Rhinoplasty

Dr. Paul Gerarchi discusses rhinoplasty for both functional and aesthetic issues. He outlines what to expect during a consultation, the surgery, and the recovery process. VIEW NOW

Learn How Rib Cartilage Is Used in Rhinoplasty

Dr. Luis Macias explains how rib cartilage can be harvested and used during your rhinoplasty procedure. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty: What Happens in This Procedure?

Dr. Michael Carlisle explains what happens in rhinoplasty surgery and the importance of a patient and surgeon being on the same page. VIEW NOW

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Rhinoplasty: Which 3 Types of Patients Can Benefit From This Procedure?

Dr. Michael Carlisle outlines the 3 categories of patients that can benefit from nose surgery. VIEW NOW

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Before & After: Non-Surgical Nose Job With Juvederm Filler

Dr. Jaime Schwartz explains how this woman had 2 previous rhinoplasties and desired more correction. Juvederm filler was used to smooth out the bridge of her nose, giving her the slope she wanted. This should last for about one year. VIEW NOW

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