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Rhinoplasty Result. Possible to Make it Thin Again Without Grafts? (photo)

I have already posted my question asking your opinions of my rhinoplasty result.Here are more pictures of my nose for your examination.If there any... READ MORE

Post Op 8 Days from Revision. Would Upper Part of my Nose Become More Narrow? (photo)

I just had a revision Rhinoplasty 8 days ago for hump removal, narrowing tip and correcting tip asymmetry. What worries me alot, is that the surgeon... READ MORE

Will breaking nose to make it narrow add length? Even a couple MM? My nose lacks definition, will step 2 of rhino fix it?(photo)

1st rhino: Doc made me look like a pig & he shaved down my bridge way to much 2nd Rhino: new doc did a great job with tip and fixing my septum (step... READ MORE

Can I add a small bump back and make my nose look thinner, tip more projected? (over 9 months post op). (photos)

I wrote 'before' and 'after' under the photos, so you can tell which is which. I posted earlier on, but I think I have an inverted V deformity. There... READ MORE

The doctor I consulted said my bones are too thick to make my nose thinner in the bridge- what are alternative options? (Photo)

I'm looking to have revision rhinoplasty and during multiple consults, one doctor who is MD FACS and a facial plastic surgeon/ENT said my bones are... READ MORE

Seeking revision rhinoplasty for bulbous tip. Do I need a more experienced Dr. for major reconstruction w/rib graft? (Photos)

1st rhino thinned bridge, but overzealous alar base reduct pinched nostrils. 2nd rhino opened up nostrils, added a bit to tip w/ear cartilage. While... READ MORE

Will a second rhinoplasty narrow my bridge from my front angle? (Photo)

I had a had a rhinoplasty which has left me with a larger bridge than I wished. Would I ever be able to achieve a thinner bridge or is it just the way... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the size of my nose tip ? (photos)

I have already done a Nose Job but unfortunately the doctor did not change the nose tip so much (he focused on the bone structure). I would like now... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty. How can I make my nose thinner? (Photo)

I don't like my nose, even after 2 surgeries, no doctor could make it thiner. I love dr. Gary Motykie Noses. It is exactly what I want but I live in... READ MORE

Not quite satisfied with rhinoplasty results. (Photo)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty done 2 years ago and the results are pretty good in my opinion however, i am considering revision because I would like a... READ MORE

My tip looks bigger after my nose job, what are my options?

Hi! I did a closed nose job 3 weeks ago. I wanted to make it a bit thinner so what he said he was going to do is make it a bit thinner and make the... READ MORE

What to do to make nose look thinner?

Hello,I've had nosejob twice and I still have a wide nose,specially when I'm smiling it looks so wide. Both doctors said my nasal skin is thick and... READ MORE

Should I consider revision? (Photos)

Hello, I had a rihonoplasty surgery about 6 month ago, I had a very straight nose from profile view and also symetrical from the front, after the... READ MORE

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