Shifting + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Any Success After Greenstick Osteotomy to Manually Readjust Bones?

I had revisionary rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago. There was a greenstick osteotomy preformed. My nose drifted quite dramtically to one side as a result. My... READ MORE

Revision Options for Shifted Nose Implant and Breathing Issues?

Hi, I got a silicone nose implant one year ago. I think since my nose is quite deviated to start with the implant is shifted to the left. It feels... READ MORE

1 Year Post Surgery, Bridge Has Shifted/deviated to One Side.Why?How Can This Be Corrected?

Hi, i Suffered trauma which led to a very unattractive bump on the bridge of my nose. Had a very successful septorhinoplasty to correct the aesthetics... READ MORE

Second Nose Job - I Want to Reduce Nasal Bone Base Which is Meeting my Cheek Bone? (photo)

Do I Need Lateral or Medial Osteotomies? Can it shift Silicon implant (I had it inserted one year ago at first rhinoplasty ) ? Can it increase height... READ MORE

I-shape Silicom Seems to Shift Down, Can It Be Made Shorter and Lower and Put Back to Originial Nose Cavity?

I had my nose done 3 times. The very last time was using I- shape silicon as bridge and ear cartilage plus septal cartilage as strut. It has been... READ MORE

Had Revision Rhinoplasty with No Success? (photo)

1st Rhinoplasty: August 2009 / Revision rhinoplasty (same doctor): January 2012 Revision Reason: Silicone curved and shifted. Outline of the silicone... READ MORE

What Causes the Nose to Shift to One Side After a Rhinoplasty?

I recently had a revision rhinoplasty done and after the nasal splint was removed my nose began to shift off center to the right. I went in to correct... READ MORE

Is a Polly Beak deformity easily fixed w/revision rhinoplasty? Can nasal surgeries cause your teeth to shift? (photos)

I was happy with my old nose and only wanted the tip refined, and I ended up with a much larger asymmetric nose with a Polly beak. Additionally the... READ MORE

Am I at big risk- Use of septal cartilage for revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

I read so many horror stories that I dont know what to do. I have a very narrow bridge now after primary rhino. One side is collapsed. Doctors i saw... READ MORE

Shifting Again After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had revision rhinoplasty for the 2nd time 1 week ago. My original rhinoplasty was done in July 2009. The second revision was done exactly 1 year... READ MORE

Should I trust the same surgeon for revision septorhinoplasty?

I underwent septorhinoplasty 14 months ago to correct my deviated septum, remove the hump and narrow the tip. Unfortunately i ended up with a pointy... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty, 10 Years Post Op. Can Your Nose Have Any Effect on Teeth Shifting?

I had braces as a young person, and have always needed retainers, even before my surgeries. However, sometimes I am aware of my two front teeth and... READ MORE

Would you recommend filler correction after a Rhinoplasty revision? (photos)

I had my revision rhinoplasty by using rib cartilage 1 month ago. Right now, it seems that the graft has shifted to the right side. While waiting for... READ MORE

Would a 5th surgery to correct a reoccurring deviated septum and bony regrowth on the bridge help by any means?

Primary rhino to shave off a huge bump on the nose. Resulted in a deviatedseptum/internal valve collapse/bony irregularities after 2 months. Underwent... READ MORE

Will the silicon implant shift downward over time? (photos)

Hi, I had a nose revision 2 months ago (bridgye and tip augmentation with silicon and septal cartilage for The tip), now I find that my radix is too... READ MORE

Best Toronto docs for revision Rhinoplasty with implant/graft?

I had a rhino 30 yrs ago that left me with a very scooped bridge. Went back and the doctor gave me a silicone implant to fix the scoop. But the... READ MORE

Will straightening my nasal tip in Rhinoplasty be enough to straighten my septum too?

I had a caudal straight taken out in rhinoplasty and it made things much worse. I was also hit in the nose very hard and it shifted the entire tip to... READ MORE

Follow up: injured nose 9 months ago & can now clearly see I shifted my Medpor implant. When should I get a revision?

9 mts ago I severely injured my nose & now know for certain I did not break my medpor implant, but shifted it,along w/ear cartilage holding in.11 mths... READ MORE

Osteotomy can help to fix a deviated silicone implant?

I got my nose done twice 10 years ago, but the silicon implant has always been shifted to the left. For the revision, some surgeons recommended me to... READ MORE

Did daughter shift the tip of my nose and how long will my nose stop swelling after revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

My daughter, again, hit my nose while I was holding her. But this time DOWNWARDS. I called my surgeon to schedule a check-up but he's book solid for... READ MORE

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