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I need a revision due to one saline implant...

I need a revision due to one saline implant deflating.

I  had my first consultation with Dr. Adam.I need a breast implant exchange. I am going with silcone gel and smart lipo under the auxilla.

Ok ladies so 3-9-12 came and went I am 4 days post...

ok ladies so 3-9-12 came and went I am 4 days post surgery.... I decided on natrelle 659cc moderate plus silicone implants( Which the Dr. had no problem with me going larger) with smart lipo on the auxilla...and if I am not mistaken
I have more discomfort from the lipo than the actual implants. As with any BA my breast are still super high.. I had implant exchange and so I am have draining tubes that
are a pain in the rear end, but I know its necessary and for my own good. I am ready to start my breast massages but afraid of the pain from the lipo may hurt more than I am willing to bear.
As for surgery day let me just say Dr.and staff were great..... His office VERY nice and I felt very comfortable.
They gave me plenty of pain meds.All my antibiotics I've finished and I have about four percacet left and about 3 valiums left.. I have decided to wean my self off of the pain meds cause all I do is sleep. Once my percacet was to be finished I would then have a RX for Vicodin in case I would need it. I don't plan to use it unless absolutely necessary.
I will say I am sore but It's tolerable.. I wanted this surgery therefore I will endure any minor discomforts.I will go to the office today to see if I can remove these draining tubes and feel not so much like a wierdo with these tubes, and ask about this burning sensation I feel coming from my left side(may be from the lipo) Ive read its just my nerves are just trying to regenerate.
Ok peeps I think thats about all the information I can give at this point. Good luck to
all you girls trying to decide about your surgeries...one last thing girls.... there are a gazzillion great Plastic surgeons and a Bazzillion bad surgeons....always go with one that has been recomemended or at least know someone who has been to one you ar thinking about going to... I was very fortunate to go to one where several ladies I know have been to him... so good luck and asta la vista ladies....

Plastic surgeons out there
League City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Adam takes his time with you does not rush you will be having my second consultation soon, and I plan to do my surgery with him. I went to see another plastic surgeon in the area although the practice was nice...the office just gave me a funky vibe. I think Dr. Adam is the best candidate for my surgery... he is very interested in what YOU want and seens to want to do whatever you want. I highly recommend Dr. Adam

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