Hated my First Ba of 457 Ccs Mods Now Loving my mod-plus 1050 Ccs Saline Implants - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hi I'm 38 years old 5'2 & 96 pound female This was...

Hi I'm 38 years old 5'2 & 96 pound female
This was my second ba first ba was done in 2008 457 ccs mods silicone unders. I had a natural large gap between breast and began with little natural breast tissue plus found out at pre op with Dr.Revis I have a large bwd of 15 so it ate up my ccs with first ba plus huge gap still remained. I emailed Dr.Revis for about a month he always quickly answered all my many questions. I had emailed several P'S but none could even guarantee me that they could fit in 800 ccs but Revis said no problem just will need to enlarge your pockets well I didn't realize that could be done and most P's don't because it lot more time consuming plus you need to know what your doing. So I immediately booked a surgery date after seeing how confident he was in giving me large implants. I drove 19 hours to have surgery with him and it was soooo worth it :)
Once I was at pre- op and tried on sizers I realized I wanted much larger than 800 I fell in love with the 1050 ccs I always had planned on saline implants. He gave me 750 overfilled to 1050 ccs overfilling saline not only helps prevent rippling but gives lot's of upper pole roundness which I wanted he also gave me Mod-plus implants and implants diameter was 16.2 so 1.2 cm over my bwd of 15 but this was vital in closing my gap plus he properly positioned my pockets and the internal bra which not only brings cleavage closer but prevents bottoming out with ex- large implants well now at over 10 month's post op I have kissing cleavage naked actually can't get a finger in there :) I have lot's of upper pole fullness and side Boob's too didn't realize how much I would love them. Dr Revis isn't just a brilliant PS but truly one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The morning of my surgery at 7:30 am he was on time and in such a upbeat mood that calmed my nerve's because at pre op he told me he wasn't sure he could fit in 1050 ccs but said he would if could do so safely well it was my max but he fit in 1050 ccs and I've had absolutely no complications from going from 457 ccs to 1050 ccs.
I really can't recommend him enough he's truly a blessing for those of us who want ex- large implants very few P'S do them and do them so well. Plus added bonus he uses special tools so even though he goes full submuscular unders he doesn't cut any muscle so less pain and down time. He also preforms his surgeries in a very nice e hospital actually felt more like a nice hotel lobby which was calming plus if something does go wrong you have a whole team of trauma specialist ready to spring into action which is very comforting. I hope this helps anyone ????

Varying months post op

Bra's and lingerie

8 to 10 months post op error on last pictures they were just 5& 10 weeks post op

Lingerie and sports bra

Lingerie sports bra's varying stages post op

1050 CCS :)

Over 11 month's post op

Just wanted to have a picture up so you can see Revis's wonderful work ????????

One year 2 month's and 9 days post op

Well I'm over a year post op and at around my one year mark they have increased in fullness and projection guess my super tight skin from having so little natural breast tissue held back implants so they have been getting bigger these last several months which I'm very happy about plus my already kissing cleavage naked has gotten even closer which I'm not complaining about except I'm dealing with fungus infection in cleavage Lol Dr.Revis said no worries about symmstia but if I'm ever back in OR to have some sutures placed there to bring them apart. I want to upgrade to 1650+ ccs now love my current Boob's so I'm concerned about complications of going this large but I know Dr.Revis is a brilliant PS who still responds to my emails extremely quickly I'm so happy ?i chose him as my PS never dreamed of having kissing cleavage naked I actually didn't even know possible but Revis truly good at giving close cleavage ?And big Boob's he's a ex large implants genius!!!!


Wow sorry I've been M.I.A for so long life well been crazy busy ;) I can't believe I'll be 2 years post op very soon October 14th!!!!! ? I'm still amazed everyday when I look down at my Boob's and I see kissing cleavage naked and I wear really loose comfortable sport's bra's 40 band Lol I'm supposed to wear a 28 band because of my ribcage size but darn scoliosis causes ribcages to be uneven so underwire bra's kill me because one ribcage protruding outwards anyway even with my large band size sport's bra and you can see in picture it also has lot of coverage so is covering up a lot of my cleavage I actually had to pull tank top down to show some boob as I'm a conservative dresser never show cleavage in public ;) but at home I have fun Lol Dr. Revis exceeded my expectations on my results not being cocky about it just so happy with my results as he didn't have anything to work with huge gap between Boob's, super tight skin, not much of any real natural breast tissue so it just show's how brilliant of a PS he is they still sit up nice and high like I wanted picture actually doesn't give my upper pole roundness justice in my opinion ;) I have talked to Revis about upgrade he replied so quickly and he's super busy these days he's now booked out 3-4 month's for BA's!!!! Just show's you girl's are finding out just how amazing of a PS he is. I'm so happy for him he deserves it ? Anyway I am wanting 1700 ccs now well have for awhile and he can't promise me 1700 ccs as I can understand I still have very tight skin but if any PS can do it Dr. Revis can ? I really think he can at least get very close if not 1700 ccs ? I had in past considered another great ex- large PS who was lot cheaper Revis isnt cheap ;) but when I asked this other PS about internal bra he feel's they are over hyped up but I disagree it's one of the huge reasons I have kissing cleavage naked plus they hold implants up so prevention from early sagging and definitely from complications like bottoming out which with the ccs I'm especially wanting now even more important in my opinion plus since he uses permanent sutures same used in TT they can last 10+ years talk about peace of mind too. So I'm saving up my money and still praying about it as I realize going bigger has risk for complications that would have nothing to do with Dr. Revis but with any elective surgerie always carry risk. I do have full confidence in Revis!!!!! So if and when I upgrade I'll definitely let you girl's know and see but I have to really save up and I am still dealing with some health issues I want under control before upgrading plus I worry if this size will be to hard to conceal with clothing as I am able to with current 1050 ccs I do a great job at concealing them ? I actually haven't gotten any extra attention from opposite sex so think show's how well I hide them and I don't look matronly either :) now button up blouses and jackets well they don't button up past my waist but that's because I am different size body than my Boob's Lol I'm 96 pounds minus 5 pound's of saline Lol but just comes with the territory of having ex large implants and so worth it ? besides I can tailor my clothing if needed. For causal wear just semi loose tank tops and loose thin cardigans and skinny jeans and winter time even easier lots of thicker cardigans. I definitely stay away from skin hugging fabrics. For work I like loose dresses from Ann Taylor loft and wool is great doesn't cling to Boob's and I'm not saying it's not a challenge but I am okay with that since having Boob's and for first time in my life I have cleavage sure no one see's it except me but I did this 100% for me and hopefully future husband hope he likes big Boob's because I have no butt, hips , boney legs Lol not pretty but at least I have big Boob's hehe Okay long update but just wanted let everyone know I'm still loving my Boob's thanks to the brilliant work of Dr. Revis ?
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

He's a wonderful brilliant PS and genuinely nice caring plastic surgeon I'm so happy I chose him and even at over 10 months post op he returns my emails quickly even on Sundays within 20 minutes :)

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