Getting 3rd Augmentation -- XL Breast Implants and "Internal Bra" - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Tomorrow I am flying to Florida to have my 3rd...

Tomorrow I am flying to Florida to have my 3rd breast augmentation with Dr. Revis. I have had two others (am now 36G) but want a more round, high look. My partner and I researched surgeons and decided Dr. Revis was the right guy. We flew down to have an in person op (after exchanging emails and pictures) several months ago. Now I am just days away from the procedure and a little nervous.

I have read some testimonials from other patients who had this same operation and I am getting myself psychologically ready for the pain and emotional stress. I don't know if I realized how much more extensive recovery is for this op versus traditional breast augmentations.

I will try to update this during my journey over the coming days, weeks and months. I hope it goes OK!

Day 2 post-op

Hi everyone. I am home after the XL breast lift and lipo. I must say I am very, very sore. First of all, the staff at Broward were very kind and well organized. Of course Dr. Revis was terrific - he came in to mark me up and patiently answered my questions. I am still wrapped up so I can't yet see the work -- will update you on this later on.

For now, just on the pain. I normally have a high tolerance for pain but this week I had my period and I have been told that women can become slightly more sensitive to pain than at normal times. I also think the combination of boobs and lipo to abs/outer legs have made it much more challenging.

I've had breast ops before but the internal bra definitely makes you feel more sore and tight than a regular breast augmentation. I have begun putting some ice bags on my cleavage area just because I was experiencing a burning sensation (I believe this is getting used to the larger size). As you'd imagine, you have to be very careful using pecs because the internal bra stitching. At the same time, your core and leg muscles are just as battered so things like getting up out of bed, going to the toilet and bending down to pick something up becomes very hard.

I typically have a lot of nausea after procedures and will throw up. Dr. Revis wrote me a prescription for nausea. I am making sure that I take the pain pills in the middle of eating something and drinking some skim milk.

I am not yet able to get excited about the results although my partner said he can already tell my new shape looks great. I am sleeping a lot which is good. Will continue doing this until I start to feel better.

Post op appointment in 2 days; we fly back home in 3 days.

I am sorry no photos yet -- once my partner comes back, I'll ask him to find some pics of me .
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Revis is everything you read about him online. My experience with him so far (one in person consult and emailing) has been very positive. He is clearly competent and a visionary in his field -- his emotional intelligence is just as great. I also have to say that Alexa, his office manager has really impressed me. Especially as I am traveling from NYC, she has been on point being on top of all the many details associated with this procedure. It has made me feel much more relaxed and safe.

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