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I have a capsule that my doctor will be removing...

I have a capsule that my doctor will be removing plus a mini lift and replacement of implants to a bigger size. Have a while to wait and need to decide how much bigger to go. I currently have under the muscle 350 silicone and think I may want to go up to 450 high profile. I have had problems with my right implant and have had the scar tissue 'released' twice but that did not do the trick. The new doctor will be doing a complete capsule removal. I hope this resolves this.

1 day post- op

Hello,After meting with about ten doctors I decided to go with Dr. Buford. Yesterday I had a capsule removal from a previous surgery, upgraded implant size from 375cc to 545 on one side and 610 on the other, Also had a nipple reduction. Dr Buford s a perfectionist and so far, I am very happy I went with him. He is realistic but does his best to make things as perfect as possible. He put pain blocking medication in during surgery and started me on Bromelline and Arnica three days before surgery and celebrex the day before surgery, I think this helps with the pain a lot, bruising and swelling so far.The first augmentation I had in 2008 was excruciatingly painful. This time I am just sore on the side that had the most scar tissue that Dr. Buford removed.I have not needed any pain pills today, just the Valium, Celebrex and antibiotic. The surgery center staff were amazing.

Before revision and 1 day post op

2 days post op

Feeling pretty good, nowhere near the pain of the first time, just a little sore. I feel so good I want to do something but I a forcing myself to do nothing. Btw- I switched the 375s to 545 in one side and 610 in the other, higher profile's I believe and the brand is Naturelle. I am off the pain medication mostly, in still doing the Celebrex I started the night before SX, arnica, bromelline, protein shakes and of course the antibiotic. I just needed half a Valium and half a pain pill before I went to bed last night. I think the pro-active approach my dr took towards healing makes a big difference so far.

10 days post op

They are getting soft and dropping. I love the new size. I also had a nipple reduction. They were irritated today so they got covered.

A little over a year

Everything is perfect, they are soft and they sit nicely. Dr Buford did an amazing job and his office is great with communicating and addressed all the questions I had. I noticed a little firmness and It was corrected with aggressive massage and some medicine and vitamins and the solution has worked so far.
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