Breast surgery nightmare! Run away!

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Houston Plastic Surgeon

Breast surgery nightmare! Run away! After 5 years of meeting with over 6 breast surgeons who specialize in “breast surgery revisions”, I chose Roth. He came across as honest and trustworthy and the reason I chose him. However, my surgery was a disaster; Roth was not qualified to perform my breast surgery (breast revision), and is not as honest and trustworthy as he initially appeared to be. I chose to have breast surgery because my left breast was hardening and the cleavage area was rippling. The overall appearance of my breasts was still natural and round [and a bit lob sided (right breast)]. With Roth- prep for surgery: 1. My surgery was delayed for hours 2. The support staff nurse at the hospital was not qualified to fill out the basic paperwork 3. The computer system was down and all paperwork had to be filled out manually 4. The Anesthesiologist was not very happy that the computer system was down; this made me nervous too 5. Overall I did not get a good feeling (in hind sight, I should have walked away). Immediately after the surgery: 6. After Day 2 of my surgery, I saw my breasts, I was shocked, disappointed and in tears; top part of my breasts were unusually firm and the implants were sitting very high, and the lower part of my breasts were unusually soft, droopy and hollow. I told Roth that my breasts look horrible and I was very concerned: he told me that this was temporary and my breasts would improve over time and I would love them; 3 months to be exact. After 3 months: 8. My breasts are still unusually firm on the top; very unnatural. 9. The implants are still sitting high on the top part of my breasts. 10. My breasts are soft and saggy and hollow (more on the right breast than the left) on the bottom. 11. My breasts are uneven; one is sitting higher than the other, one is rectangular and the other is square, the right breast is saggier, lob sided, and hollow. 12. My breasts look square and rectangular, and do not have the natural round look. 13. When I bend forward, my breasts hang unusually and look triangular 14. I have more scars from this surgery in addition to the areas where Roth made the incision. Perhaps he dropped something? 15. I also have additional scars from the bra provided after the surgery; it dug into my skin causing it to bleed and scab over (leaving a scar). 16. My right breast is firmer on the top than my left breast; implant is sitting higher on the breast than the left, and is soft and saggy on the bottom of the breast. 17. The right breast looks rectangular and is lob sided on the lower left of the breast. 18. The side of the right breast looks like a shoe horn (it goes in at the middle of the breast). 19. The lower left side of the left breast is lob-sided . 20. The left breast did improve in appearance after 12 weeks of surgery, but it is still lob sided on the left side of the breast, looks square and uneven, and does not have the round natural look. 21. I still cannot wear my normal tops, especially tight fitting tops as one can see the unevenness, rectangular and the lob side shape of my breasts. 22. I am too embarrassed to look at my breasts in the mirror. 23. I have not showed my breasts to my husband as of yet. Roth was certain that my breasts would change (in 12 weeks) and I would love them. He recommended massaging them downward and then in all 4 directions; to move the implant downward and fill the saggy sacks below and to make them even and proportionate. Later he told me to wear breast bandages (which he said that he would provide and never did). In any event, this did not help cure the problem. I was better off before the surgery. In a recent email from Roth, he told me that he was acquiring a brand new breast ultrasound machine that would help and cure the issues mentioned above. I am not convinced. I do not believe that he is knowledgeable in this type of breast surgery procedures. I also asked Roth for a refund and he refused. Unfortunately, I will need another surgery; I am deeply disappointed. If anyone knows of a qualified breast surgeon (that specialized in breast revision surgery), please send me a message. Thanks.

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