24 Implant Revision Downsize from 550cc to 360cc STILL TOO BIG CONSIDERING 2ND REVISION OR EXPLANT

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On 30th August 2016 after spending a year with...

On 30th August 2016 after spending a year with implants that were huge on me and that I hated, I finally went ahead with a revision with another surgeon in the uk. At my consultation I discussed what I was unhapoy with and the size that I desired, when I first went in I was set on having implants no bigger than 300cc but after speaking to the surgeon and the nurse they suggested I would be best going somewhere between 330-360 and that they would order a few different options to try in on the day. I Came out of the consultation relieved, although I was having to scrape together enough money to pay for the revision (£5500) I would finally be the size I wished.
After waiting about 2 months it was finally the day of surgery and I arrived at the hospital at 7:30am and spoke to the aneasthetist and then the surgeon breofly before being taken down to theatre at about 10:30am. I woke back in my room a few hours later after vomiting a couple of times in the recovery room, I was still very nausious and light headed but I always am with general anaesthetic.

Fast forward to 3 weeks post op and i'm really gutted to say that I'm so dissapointed, yes there is a size difference and I look a lot better in clothes but I feel the main difference is in the projection and front on i still look huge. My 32DD/E bras still fit me and I was aiming for a small C cup :( I am so uoset with myself for putting my body through all of this again to still be too big and unhappy. I Can't get an apppintment with my surgeon until the 12th October as he wont see me before its been 6 weeks which I can understand as the body needs to heal and have time for swelling to go down ect but I honestly do not feel swollen at all and have looked the same size since day 1 post op. I cant stop crying, I really thought id be happy this time around.

I am now considering another revision and would have to be firm in saying that I want small implants but to be honest I'm also contemplating an explant, do I really out myself through changing implants again to possibly be unhappy? Would it be better to explant ans just hope to god that im not left with saggy 'dogs ears' I have no idea what to do now and no idea how I will pay for another surgery. Why oh why did I decide to get implants in the first place.

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get my honest feelings out there as I'm feeling really low about everything. I have attached some pre boob job, first boob job and revision pics.

Explant- Experiences anyone?

Wondering if anybody has any experience of explanting larger implants as obviously I was 550cc hp and have just downsized to 360cc mods and still feeling pretty huge but also scared of how I will now look after explant. Any experiences from others would be do helpful x

5 weeks post revision

So its 5 weeks tomorrow, how time flys! No surprise I still feel too big. I'm feeling really aprehensive about my follow up appointment with my surgeon next week, I dont want to offen him as they do look better than before but I really do still feel huge. Im still fitting E cup bras :(
Any advice on how to go about telling my surgeon that I'm not happy? I know I cant turn back time but gosh I wish I never had anything done. I really am thinking about explant but have no idea how much my surgeon would charge me and I'm also terrified of how I will look after and telling my partner as he keeps telling me how good they look now and how its my body dismorphia rearing its ungly head :(

Any advice on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated? Im in such a bad state of mind over it all.

I hate
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