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Long ago (over 30 yrs ago) and far away (I was...

Long ago (over 30 yrs ago) and far away (I was living in a foreign country) my mother suggested we have breast implants. She did not need them, so I am to assume she found me as flat and uninteresting in that department as I had...I came back to the U.S. to get the surgery and have that bonding time with my "far too young for her age" mother. Two weeks after I left the country to return to my then expatriate home, my left breast filled with blood! Called the doctor (who yelled at me, blaming me for it) and he told me what to do. It involved rest and a lot of ice and a lot of time to brood about my plight. Six months later I had that implant replaced. Then I developed very hard capsules on both sides....but lived with those for 30 years.

Six years ago I was referred (by a plastic surgeon) to another doctor out of town as he said my breasts required basically more skill than he had...and I had them replaced with the nipples hoisted into a new and better place. No more capsules, no more tightness! The breasts seemed normal in every way and I even got some sensation back in my nipples! I was ecstatic. Bear in mind, too, that I never did want really large breasts, just breasts that had some aesthetic value to my husband and to myself when passing a mirror undressed. So at last I had it--the look I wanted, the normal feel, just everything.

I was careful to have my mammograms, too. I know it is not supposed to happen, but I am sure the pressure of those mammograms was what caused the leaks. The leaks have been there 5 years and I WAS NEVER TOLD UNTIL A MONTH OR SO AGO.

I know I could just get them removed, but I keep visualizing what my result would be and cannot live with it....So...I will be scheduling surgery for the 4th time as soon as the girl from the doctor's office calls me back....

I think people should be aware that they could have these silent leaks and not even be told by their docs or by the radiologist who took the mammogram xrays.

Just getting nervous about having to go through...

Just getting nervous about having to go through this...I have asked for the same anesthesiologist...I found some lumpiness in one breast that I had not noticed before and gazed at my xrays...I am hoping against hope that all goes well this time and that this problem (the leaking) never happens again.

I feel they need some kind of better mammogram for implants. I imagine there are many more silent leaks out there than they have any idea of. I feel they need a law that mandates that radiologists tell you if there is any problem such as leaking if you have implants and not just be bound to tell you "normal" if you don't have cancer.

I wish I had known about the silent leaks beforehand. I just went along in my life as normal, not worrying about that at all. When my 30 year old implants were removed there was no leaking. What is it with the new ones that makes them prone to leaks?

My PCP now knows about the upcoming surgery. He...

My PCP now knows about the upcoming surgery. He is a friend as well as PCP for over 20 years. He feels risks are not worth it (i.e. stroke, death...etc.). He feels that since the leaks have been there at least 5 years and I have had no known problems and the breasts still look good that I should not get them replaced. He says there are no health risks by just leaving well enough alone. This makes me doubt my decision to replace, although it is scheduled in a few weeks. He said the reason the OB/Gyn did not tell me before is that leaks that show up on mammograms rarely cause any problems.

I noticed that most of the plastic surgeons say it is best to have leaking implants replaced...but a few follow the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mindset. I guess I have up until the last minute to change my mind...I think it is normal to have doubts about something like this. I am hopeful that all goes well and that it is worth it in some way.

Surgery is tomorrow in another city. I have been...

Surgery is tomorrow in another city. I have been gripped by fear...I will update when I am back home and up to it.

Well, I lived through it, but guess what! The 6...

Well, I lived through it, but guess what! The 6 year old cohesive gel implants were examined every which way and were reinstalled! THERE WERE NO LEAKS! So my PCP was right and Dr Minniti was right, too! I feel very well and there wasn't very much pain at all. Did not even need a drain. Now if I can keep from over doing so no complications arise! The doctor said he saw tiny silicone bits embedded in some tissue but thinks it must have been residue from when they removed the 30 year old implants 6 years ago and put these in.

I wish I knew beforehand that Dr Minniti and the PCP were right. It was an expensive experience. At least I don't have to worry about the leaking anymore and that HAS to be worth something to me.

My PS was absolutely wonderful, though, as was his staff. I am certain to go back in a few years for lower eyes...

I am grateful to have lived through anesthesia again. I had the same wonderful one I had 6 years ago.

I just have to note, too, that I believe St. Anthony helped me again!

How has it changed my life? A renewed appreciation for being alive for one thing. I keep thinking of all the things I want to do and I feel a great reduction in the stress I was feeling during this whole process.
Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon

This provider is probably the best one in the state now and has awards to prove it. He did not brag, however. His manner is somehow both humble and confident at the same time. He is very caring and easily inspires confidence. All of the employees are empathetic and highly skilled. I had the best care and treatment that would have been humanly possible to receive. I am deeply grateful to Dr Maffi for his skill and for his kindness. And I am grateful to God for human beings like him!

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