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Amazing experience!! - Saint Louis, MI

Breast Implant Revision

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16 Nov 2016

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Amazing experience!! - Saint Louis, MI

Dr. Prada is absolutely wonderful! I developed capsular contracture after a breast lift and implant by another doctor. It was extremely uncomfortable and I knew it could be corrected but I needed to find the perfect doctor to make the fix. I decided to go with him due to his confidence and making sure I had a very clear picture of a realistic outcome. His honesty was much appreciated. Along with the revision of my breasts I decided to have a bra line lift and lipo. I feel like Dr. Prada nailed every procedure. I'm still in the early stages of healing but my confidence has already skyrocketed! I now have natural feeling breasts and better contour to my body. His nurse is wonderful as well. You will feel very taken care of by them all.