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What is Better for Acne and Reducing Blemishes or Scars? Epiduo, Differin, or Retin A?

I am in my 30s and I still get acne clpar to the time that I am menstruating. I'm used to use Differin years ago, and when I visited my Drmarologist... READ MORE

Retin-A Side Effects: Large Pores, Scarring, Joint Pain - Is This Normal?

My question is about retin a that I ve been using it for 3 months and I experienced very large pores and scars and joints pain from it .what I want to... READ MORE

How to Treat Bad Skin Reaction from Retin-a Micro?

I used retin-a micro on some parts of my body to treat kp, discoloration, scars, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, etc., but it only made it worse.... READ MORE

Does It Clear Up Scars?

I have scar on my chin from picking at pimples when i was younger. i would like my face to be smoother. READ MORE

How much Retin A would you recommend for me?

Im 21 I have recently gotten many breakouts on my face. Usually when I do breakout I only get it on my face around my t-zone but recently I have... READ MORE

Degree of Improvement of Retin-A for pitted scars?

I know retinoids like Retin-A and Tazorac remodel collagen in the dermis, so if one uses them at a high strength for many years, can they eventually... READ MORE

Can using Retin-A cause scarring? (photos)

I know it makes it worse before it gets better. As a result, pimples have came to a head and I have popped them. This seems to have caused scarring... READ MORE

Will retin a actually help clear my acne, PIH, and any light scars I have on my skin? (photos)

I first started retin a August 2015 and stopped February 2016 because I never saw any improvement just more PIH and more severe acne. My dermatologist... READ MORE

Retin-a cream for blackhead scarring?

My doctor injected my nose with kenalog about 9 months ago to reduce the size. Instead, my skin became thin and blackhead scars popped up all over my... READ MORE

Why am I still getting breakouts after using Retin-A for 5 months? (Photo)

I have been using retin a 0.025% for 5 months. On my 5th month i saw no pimple, which got me excited. However i now see some pimples coming up, and... READ MORE

Retin-A and Scarring

Recent research on tretinoin suggests that it inhibits MMP production. Low MMP levels have also been associated with atrophic scarring. Is it possible... READ MORE

Can Vitamin A (Retinol) Be Used on a New Chicken Pox Scar?

Good day! My daughter had chicken pox about 4 weeks ago, and was left with some shallow scars on my face. Even if the scans have fallen for more than... READ MORE

Retin- a Used for a Year...need Some Advice Please on How How Often to Use It Now?

II've used retin a for over one year ( sun damage, acne, scarring and fine lines) i started off for 4 months on a 0.01% then a 0.25% (gels) now i use... READ MORE

Treating scarred/enlarged nose pores? (Photo)

Large/stretched pores on nose. These pores are constantly being filled with reoccurring sebum plugs and blackheads and easily can be extracted... READ MORE

Will I Scar from my Retin A Treatment?

Am using extra strong .25 Retin A on sunspots. They have all disappeared with minimal peeling, except for one. This is more of a eraser sized dark... READ MORE

Effect of Retin-A on disorganized collagen? (Wrinkles, scars, etc)

I know that a scar forms when fibroblasts produce disorganized collagen. So my question is, how exactly does Retin-A go about getting rid of the... READ MORE

Is it safe to shave after isotretinoin? Will it cause scarring if I shave while using Retin A?

Is shaving my face safe after accutane Is it okay to shave when using Retina A Will either of these cause more scarring. Thank you in advance READ MORE

Are RetA and Retin A the same? Is scarring and redness permanent after treatment? How long before results will be visible?

Plz suggest a good moisturiser. It's been 3 weeks since I have been using Ret A and there is little scarring and redness . Should I stop? Will the... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for my large congested pores and scarring? (Photos)

I am a 24 yr old. I have been taking 10mg Accutane and Androcur for 6 months (currently tapering off). I still have scarring and large pores which... READ MORE

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