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I Use Retin A but I Don't Understand if I Should Stop when I See Irritation?

Everybody keeps saying that Retin A works magic for aging skin, wrinkles, but nobody says what should be done when irritation occurs. When irritation... READ MORE

I Am Getting Pimples After Using Retin a .05% Cream, Should I Discontinue Using?

I have been using retin a .05% cream for the past 10 days. every 2 or 3 days i get a new pimple... am getting desperate now.. should i continue using... READ MORE

Pause Retin-A Use Prior to Sunny Vacation?

I began using tretinoin 0.05% two months ago. I've been very careful about applying and reapplying sunscreen everyday, and avoiding sun as much as... READ MORE

Will Retin-A Gel Fade a Natural Skin Tan?

I'm going on holiday soon and i was going to stop using the Retin-A gel for the duration of my holiday because i've heard it makes skin sensitive to... READ MORE

Should I stop using Retin-A Tretinoin?

But the doctor prescribed it every night before bed. Some parts of my face are red. I can't put lotion without it burning like crazy!!!!!!! My face is... READ MORE

Generous Face, Arm Applications of Retin-A 0.1% Causing Very Blurry Vision?

For 2mo I've been using this only. 2 times daily liberally all over the face neck arms as prescribed (to help even out severe skin tone issue). Just... READ MORE

Should I keep using with Retin-A?

I have been using 0.05% retin-a a for 4 months now. I've always struggled with large pores and oily skin and a few breakouts here and there. I'm in my... READ MORE

Skin is Red and Irritated After Applying Retin-A, What Should I do?

I apply Ratin A- 0.05% for 2 day after 3 month and i feel some irritation on my face.When fell Irritation 3rd day in evening,,,, i stop using ratin-A.... READ MORE

Should Retin A Be Discontinued For A Male Planning To Have A Child?

Is it true that one needs to stop using Retin A for a period of 2 to 3 months if you're male and planning to have a child? I did read something... READ MORE

Should I discontinue using Tretinoin 0.05 Cream or Vitamin C 15% serum or both?

I have been using 6 drops of Vit C serum before applying moisturiser in the morning and tretinon 0.5 cream mixed with moisturiser in the evening - I... READ MORE

What will happen if I stop using tretinoin?

I'm now on it's almost one month of using tretinoin..but i see no result..if i stop using tretinoin my acne will be worsen?please answer emmediately... READ MORE

I have itchy bumps on my face from tretinoin. What should I do?

Ive been prescribed tretinoin 0.04% gel for my acne and milia. I use it as prescribed pea size all over my face at bedtime followed by eucerin... READ MORE

How Long Before Giving Up on Retin-A Micro?

I have been using retin a micro for over 6 weeks and my skin has only gotten worse, at what point do I stop and move onto something else? READ MORE

Retinol Ester and Pregnancy?

Hii i've been using antiaging product with retinol ester and i'm trying to get pregnant actually i used infertility drugs this cycle and if it doesn't... READ MORE

Does Retin-A Use Ever Level Out? Or Do You Continue to Produce More Collagen with Each Application?

Does retin-A use for youthful skin (or wrinkles) eventually level out? Or do you continue to produce more collagen with each application? I have... READ MORE

Are there any DERMATOLOGISTS in the UK who can/will prescribe Retin-A have used it for 20 years but it's been discontinued in UK

Other than on dodgy internet sites is there any way to get prescription from US or Canada for Retin-A - since it was discontinued in the UK my poor... READ MORE

When can I stop appying Retin-A cream?

Hi. so i am currently using 0.025% retin a for my acne and am 18 years old. i have heard it takes about 8-12 weeks for it to work properly but what i... READ MORE

Should I discontinue Retin A cream 0.05%?

I have been using retin a for my tiny numerous pimples,I had only one side effect which was an increase in my pimples then after a few weeks of using... READ MORE

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