When to stop using Retin-A if no results are seen?

Hello, I've been using Retin A for 16 weeks now and have not seen any resutls. As a matter of fact, my skin has gotten worse and more oily. I went to see my dermo becasue I was having a mild breakout on my chin. He perscribed me Retin A, told me to wash my face with salicytic acid morning and night and to spot treat with Benzoyl peroxide 5%. Now I have acne on my jawline, below my nose and my chin has gotten significantly worse. Should I stop using it? If so what will happen?

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Retin A treatment

Thank you for your question. In my experience, it takes at least 6-8 months of nightly use of Retin A to achieve noticeable results. Washing your face with salicylic acid and spot treating with benzoyl peroxide can irritate the skin, which can cause additional breakouts. I recommend an oil-free, gentle facial cleanser such as Cetaphil foaming cleanser. I highly recommend you consult with your dermatologist regarding your concerns and to discuss treatment options that best suit your needs. Take care and good luck.

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