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How Long Can Open Restylane Last if You Are Getting Touch Ups?

I mean if your doctor keeps your syringe saved for you READ MORE

Will Restylane in Lips Last Longer the More Treatments You Get?

I've been been getting Restylane in my lips for almost 2 years now w/touch-ups (1/2-1/4 a syringe) about every 3 months. I'm so consistent... READ MORE

Why Didn't Restylane Work In My Lips? Should I Go For Another Syringe?

I'm 22, Asian, my lips are pretty full already, but I've always wanted a larger top lip-had 1 syringe of Restylane injected last week. It... READ MORE

Restylane Touch Ups After Lip Augmentation?

Just days ago I had a partial syringe of Restylane injected in to my upper lip, mostly to correct an asymmetry. The healing process went beautifully... READ MORE

I Got Restylane Under my Eyes but Want More, How Long Should I Wait Before I Get More?

I Got Restylane Under my Eyes but Want More, How Long Should I Wait Before I Get More? READ MORE

Quantity For 8-Month Followup Restylane Touchup Treatments?

After the very first derma filler treatment for marionette lines and tear troughs, how much Restylane will one need at touch up time 8 months later?... READ MORE

How soon can I get a top-up on my under eye Restylane filler? What is the recommended waiting period?

I'm confident I need more filler to get the results I'm aiming for. I got filler a couple of days ago, so I realise I may have to wait at least a week... READ MORE

Restylane bumps: I had restylane in my upper lip 13 days ago. (photo)

I went again for a touch up yesterday only to fix assymetry in the mid section of my lip (hence the bruising). My concern is with the bumps at the... READ MORE

Restylane for lips- initial amount injected VS subsequent amounts needed periodically for maintenance?

Hi Doctors, I got 2mls of restylane in my lips (which were very small and assymetric) and am planning on getting another 1ml in a couple of weeks. I... READ MORE

How many ML of Restylane is needed for each touchup in lips to maintain the same volume?

I received 2 ML of restylane in my lips. I love the results, but am concerned about the cost to maintain (as it sounds like touchups are typically... READ MORE

Dots in lip after Restylane injections, will they go away? (photos)

I've had my lip retouched with restylane past wednesday the 19th. There has been very little injected (0,3ml in the upper lip). By the time I got home... READ MORE

Subcision and Too much filler. What to do next?

Recently had my 2nd subcision. Just needed a tiny bit of filler for some touch up problematic areas, however too much filler was injected (Restylane).... READ MORE

Canola used in one eye and "normal" restylane application in the other eye? Assymetric smile right after restyle application?

I just had Restylane injected in my tear troughs and nasolabial folds. In one eye, the doctor used the canola to inject it, and on the other the... READ MORE

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