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Restylane for Hollows in Lateral Part of Eye Orbit?

I'm South Asian and have inherited dark hollows around my eyes. There's little collagen so the skin is thin and also dark pigmented. I'm 19 and... READ MORE

I Recently Had Restylane Injected Under Eyes, and It's Still Dark

Under my eye its still a black/ purple color that looks horrible almost like a black eye. i suffer all my life from this. i dont know if its the skin... READ MORE

1 week post op Restylane, is this bruising, pigmentation, tyndall, swollen or over fill? (photos)

I had restylane a week ago.I had had 1 full syringe previously which looked really bad, i held too much water I think I am not sure,I had it dissolved... READ MORE

Dark Area and Pigmentation Left After Healing?

I had restylane 2months ago on nasolabial fold with massaging and rubbing on d same day and day after the area became badly red and dry after 1/2days... READ MORE

Would Restylane really help me with the pigmentation under my eyes? (Photo)

Yes I'm So confuse and scared to go thru That again , I'm planning on getting fillers under my eyes but I wonder if the filler would help with the... READ MORE

Does the Tyndall effect occur in African American skin?

I want to get restylane in my tear troughs. I have heard that sometimes the under eye skin can take on a blue tint. Is there a risk of this happening... READ MORE

Skin pigmentation after Restylane shot. (Photo)

Hi around May i had a shot of Restylane in my nose to fill a depression i had on the tip of the nose. while I am completely satisfied with the form... READ MORE

Had filler two days ago in my upper and lower lips. Have major bruising on my right (upper) conner of the lip.

Today when I noticed my lip in the conner is white. Should I be concerned about pigment loss or is it just to do with bruising. Very concerned. Thank you READ MORE

Discoloration of Skin in Area of Injections. (photo)

4 month ago i had Restylane injected to the areas you see in my pics, it left me with Discoloration on my skin and i really donno what to do, the doc... READ MORE

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