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Can Infraorbital Nerve Damage Pain from Restylane Be Permanent?

I am about 1 week post Restylane injections. I felt a numbness all the way to my lip with the injection. Called ps and asked if nerve damage was... READ MORE

Numbness After Restylane Injection

I had Restalyn injections 4 days ago. The Infraorbital nerve was affected on the left side of my face. Immediatley after the injection my face became... READ MORE

Continued Numbness from Restylane Injection?

I had about 3cc of restylane injected into my cheek approximately a week ago overseas. Right after the injection, I felt numbness from mid temple to... READ MORE

How Should I Relieve Numbness/tingling on Upper Lip 2 Weeks After Restylane Injection?

The injecting doctor said don't do anything and another doctor in the practice said upward massage in the cheek area will help. He thinks it... READ MORE

Bruising, Numbness, and Funny Smile After Restylane on Lips

I had Restylane lip augmentation this morning. I have MINIMAL bruising on my lips; does this get worse or better in days to come? When does the... READ MORE

Causes of Numbness Tingling in Cheek After Restylane After 10 Months?

Had 1ml of Restylane injected into my cheek for depressed scar 10 months ago (yes it was really Restylane) by a reputable Dr. My cheek became enlarged... READ MORE

2 week Post Tear trough Restylane injection numbness and possible permanent nerve damage?

Numb down to mouth. I have fluid stuck in my nose/cheek area down my lip area & is worse in the day. She injected Vitrase yesterday but said she's... READ MORE

HA dermal filler...pain after 4 weeks, should I be concerned?

Emervel was injected into my cheeks 4 weeks ago. One side of my face is swollen, numb, feels heavy & sore. It feels like the aftermath of a blow to... READ MORE

Restalyne Numbness?

About 4 weeks ago I had a half ml each side injection naso-labial folds. Done it lots of times before. Now I have a funny numb patch on upper right... READ MORE

Can dermal filler cause nerve damage to the cheek and tongue area? This might sound crazy but I've had a dermal filler injection

Near my nasolabials and bellow my cheek bones, he started having pain in that place and my neck (persistent numbness and pain in the lower cheek part... READ MORE

I had Restylane injected into my tear troughs 2.5 wks ago, immediate pain & numbness down my right cheek, nose & upper lip.

Now I cannot move these areas at all. I have a crooked smile and my cheek muscle isn't contracting back when I smile. It seems I have some partial... READ MORE

Is MAJOR bruising normal after Restalyne?

I have had this in my cheeks several times but had both today and have bruises. I have a HUGE bruise just under left side of my lower lip and numbing.... READ MORE

Pain after restylane go pre-jowl area. Compressed nerve? (photo)

I've had filler to my nasolabial and pre jowl areas three days ago. When she injected to my left side of the pre jowl I felt a sharp pain, and... READ MORE

Numbness after Restylane and Juvederm fillers, is this normal?

I got restylane injected under my eyes and juvederm in my lips 3 days ago... the left undereye is bruised and still swollen and I am still numb from... READ MORE

I had Restylane injected into my upper and lower lip as well as the lines from nose to mouth two weeks ago.

Everything was fine until I noticed numbness in my left ear. It doesn't hurt or tingle but it's numb in most parts. My doctor is board certified and... READ MORE

Can restylane leak from lips and if so will it makes my tongue numb? (Photos)

I had restylane injected into my upper and lower lips 7 days ago. Tonight I feel to small lumps on the inside of my upper lip at the same points that... READ MORE

Restylane injection: Is this vascular occlusion or ice pack burn? (photo)

I recently had Restylane injections for my tear troughs. Initially a lot of pain on one side. There was numbness that persisted off and on that side... READ MORE

Numbness and sense of pressure after filler in tear trough area. Did my massaging cause this sensation?

I had restylane injected in my tear troughs one week ago. A few days after I massaged the area a few times (not vigorous but not the most gentle).... READ MORE

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