Continued Numbness from Restylane Injection?

I had about 3cc of restylane injected into my cheek approximately a week ago overseas. Right after the injection, I felt numbness from mid temple to upper lip, all on the left side. Soon after, some part of the nose too. I had consulted several doctors in different fields, including plastic surgeon, neurology and chinese medicine, all of which gives me no solution, except to be patient and waiting up to possibly a year or never for the feeling to return. Hyaluronidase is not approved in my country.

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Restylane and numbness

It sounds like you might have some pressure on a nerve in the vicinity causing numbness, and that could be a result of the dermal filler. If you can't return to the provider, I would recommend consulting with another provider to discuss your options.

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Injection of filler and numbness

Numbness can develop from the filler compressing the nerve, from it injected into the nerve or the needle damaging the nerve, and also from the local that is used with the filler. The last one will improve within hours. The first one should improve over time, but hyaluronidase injection would probably be a reasonable approach to decompress the area, and the second may or may not get better over time as the nerve may have been injured during the injection.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Continued numbness from Restylane injection

First and I hate to say this, but overseas, you don't know if what you really had was Restylane, so hyaluronidase might not be the right thing to use anyway. I've had people come in from foreign countries having had 'Restylane' or 'Juvederm' and what they actually had was who knows what...silicone, Crisco, glue, and many other fun things. So first, let's hope it really is Restylane.... Sometimes a nerve can be affected with an injection, though it does usually return to feeling with time. Usually this happens more on the scalp when doing surgeries, and the nerves do reconnect and feeling comes back. I don't know if this could have happened to you, but I suppose if a nerve was somehow affected with the injection, it could have created a loss of feeling for you in that area. The other, bad option, is that you are experiencing necrosis, which means that an artery has been affected by the filler and is blocked, in which case it can affect blood flow to that area, which then can affect the feeling you have there. If you've consulted a plastic surgeon and neurologist, I'd hope they'd have checked for this, which would look like a spreading white/pink area with areas of increasing blackness. If no one has looked at this in person, please have it evaluated again for possible necrosis.

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Numbness after fillers to the mid face

This has been reported after mid face injections.   It does resolve but can take many months, in fact up to a year.  I don't believe there is anything to do for it but wait it out.  You may experience some tingling, electrical sensations and even crawling sensations on the skin as the nerves regenerate over time.  

Jacqueline Calkin, MD
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