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Does Anyone Still Use Restylane SubQ?

I've never had filler before and tomorrow I am getting SubQ filler in the cheek area and chin area, but it's not mentioned much on this forum,... READ MORE

What is Best for Jowl Wrinkles - Restylane Vital or Esthelis?

I am 60yrs old and have had both. I was a bit dissapointed with the Vital with having 3 sessions and after the third the effect didn't last more... READ MORE

Will Skin Return to Normal Once Restylane Wears Off? (photo)

I had a face lift in Dec 2008 with good results. Only issue was lack of volume. Decided to have restylane in cheeks and eye trough by a reputable PS... READ MORE

Can Restylane Ever Gravitate to a Lymph Node or Vessel. I Have a Problem.

I had injections in the jowl area and it seems to now be a thin line in my neck and mostly gone from my chin area. Also there is a small lump beside... READ MORE

Can Restylane Shift from One Area to Another?

About a month ago, I had a small amount of Restylane put in the outer corners of my chin (to reduce jowling) by a PS. But the filler has migrated up... READ MORE

Restylane in my Nabial and Jowl Area Left Me Deformed/swollen. Will It Go Away. 4 Days Since Injection

Restylane in my Nabial and Jowl Area Left Me Deformed/swollen.  Will It Go Away. 4 Days Since Injection READ MORE

Will Skin Return to Normal After Restylane? (photo)

Thanks to some of you docs who answered my previous post - I want to clarify my before and after pics-they are only 6 months apart! The before... READ MORE

Why do I have chipmunk cheeks a month after Restylane? And will water pills help to remove?

I had restylane injected (nasolabial folds and jowls), however, as of two days ago one cheek (upper) looks like there's a golf ball when i smile, just... READ MORE

What can be done about filler that has migrated and decended to my lower face?

I've restylane and its migrated and decended to the lower portion of my face which has created an uneven jowl look and strange dimples in my chin when... READ MORE

Is this the beginning of jowling? Will over filled cheeks cause sagging and jowls to worsen? (photos)

It appears to me that I'm developing jowls. I recently had restylane injected in my cheeks. They were over filled for my face and I'm afraid the loose... READ MORE

Can Restylane cause this swelling or is it a tooth infection? (Photo)

I had my dr call in a antibiotic and have been taking it for 2 days but the swelling and lump started on the 2nd day. There is pressure and pain when... READ MORE

After Restylane and Botox injections I have severe swelling in the lower jowls of my face. How to reduce swelling? (photo)

After restylane and Botox injections I have severe swelling in the lower jowls of my face... Is this normal and how do I decrease the swelling? I did... READ MORE

Pain after restylane go pre-jowl area. Compressed nerve? (photo)

I've had filler to my nasolabial and pre jowl areas three days ago. When she injected to my left side of the pre jowl I felt a sharp pain, and... READ MORE

How can I remove Restylane in my jowls that is more than two years old and spread out?

I've been to a wound specialist, had an MRI, and finally they went in and took a chunk out and tested it. Yes, it's still the Restylane. Help, I think... READ MORE

Restrained filler and mesotheraphy. Is it safe and long term effective?

Hi, my doctor advise me for mesotheraphy on jowls line area and Restlayne filler 1ml each side for cheeks as I have flat cheeks. I have a bit of fats... READ MORE

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