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Why Does Restylane Cause Little Bumps Under the Skin?

A lot of people say that after their restylane injections, they can feel bumps under their skin for a long time.  Why does this happen to some... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Lumpy Lips from Restylane Injections?

I recently had restalyne injections to my lips and have a huge knot on my top lip 2 weeks later.  Looks and feels awful. When I smile my lip... READ MORE

Dangerous to Remove Granuloma from Newfill and Restylane?

Hi i have a question my aunt has a medium sized granuloma on her lips caused by newfill,and another 2 medium sized ones on both cheeks caused by... READ MORE

How Do I Treat Granulomas / Scar Tissue Caused by Restylane in my Lips?

I had restylane injected 5 months ago, there is a small lump where the needle went in and several lumps that can be felt from inside my mouth,there is... READ MORE

Adverse Reactions to Injectable Soft Tissue Fillers? (photo)

One year ago i had injectable soft tissue fillers of restalyn in a foreign country. lumps have now formed few months after a year later i saw my my... READ MORE

Are Granulomas Really a Problem?

A very well known dermatologist whose injections of Restylane provoqued bumps and one large nodule in and around the nasolabial fold (slowly... READ MORE

Granulomas vs filler deposits - how to differentiate?

I had 2 ml Restylane injected into the dermis on my neck on May 19. There have been lumps all over it since then and the skin is itching. Is it easy... READ MORE

Do you know of any qualified Doctors in Edmonton, Alberta area to deal with possible granulomas from Restylane injections?

Right after injection there were small hard unnoticeable lumps nurse tried to massage out but a couple years later it got much worse. It started with... READ MORE

2 vials restylane for v mild n/l & marionette lines + lips 17 mos ago. Cause of tissue changes post-op? What are the solutions?

Disliked from the start, felt overfilled, waited for it to dissolve. 6 mos in had extreme spontaneous swelling. Now 17 mos overfilled look still a... READ MORE

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