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Restylane Under Eyes: 3 Month Post Injections Sudden Onset Swelling and Burning Pain?

After initial bruising was happy with result for about 7 wks. Then this recurrent swelling began and lasts 3-4 days. Can be both eyes or just one.... READ MORE

Can Restylyne Migrate Into The Eyes? They're Burning And Swollen.

Two days ago I had restylyne injected into the hollowed area under my eyes, and a few hours later my eyes were burning terribly. This pain lasted all... READ MORE

Restylane On Lower Jaw and It's Burning After 3 Days? (photo)

I was injected with Restylane on Tues. and it's Friday and my lower jaw is burning like it's on fire!! Is this normal? READ MORE

Is it normal to have pain in lips and a feel of burning after Restylane hyaluronic acid filler?

Is it normal to have pain in lips and a feel of burning after Restylane filler. I had 0.7ml divided between two lips this afternoon. They have swelled... READ MORE

Restylne/Nose/Eye Aching?

This eye pain is because of Curam side effect as I'm taking too long? Or because of nose filler may have moved a bit near to eye side, it's why I have... READ MORE

Restylane in vertical lip lines. 1 month later still burning, itching, and raw feeling. Can't stand it. What can I do? (Photo)

I had restylane in my lips on 4/8/15 was OK, then touch up on 4/23/15. Since then I have had severe burning, itching, and my lips feel raw. I have... READ MORE

I just had restylane lyft placed on both cheeks; why is this happening?

I just had restylane lyft placed on both cheeks and the pain at night was so severe i could not sleep. it is not swollen or red but the burning... READ MORE

I had 1mL of Restalyne injected into my lips. 1.5 months later I have developed hard painful lumps. (Photos)

I've had 1mL of restalyne injected into my lips. 70% on the top with 30% on the bottom. One and a half months later and I have developed hard lumps... READ MORE

Can sub-brow filler (Restylane) cause bad eye burning? If so, is it very dangerous? Will it goes away? Should I see an eye doc?

I received sub-brow filler (Restylane) about 4 weeks ago and for the past 2 weeks, my eyes have been burning so much. My eyeballs feel hot and dry,... READ MORE

Is the burning sensation dangerous? I feel it still last from 25 April, can it cause skin/muscle loss? (Photo)

Okay, i had restylane injection 1,5 on each side and now i have a burning sensation on my left side because. after the shits, 2 weeks i had bumps so... READ MORE

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