Restylne/Nose/Eye Aching?

This eye pain is because of Curam side effect as I'm taking too long? Or because of nose filler may have moved a bit near to eye side, it's why I have this eye aching? But my eyes don't swell, and not red at all. Just uncomfortable and burning sensation. Please do advise and help me as Im too paranoid.... Thanks

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Restylane and swelling/migration

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Without understanding or knowing more information on where the product was specifically injected, how much, and why you're taking Curam, it's difficult to answer this question. Following up with the provider is the best way to determine what's happening with your treatment.

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Eye pain following treatment with Restylane

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If you had Restylane in your nose, it should not migrate and cause eye pain. I would recommend speaking with your physician regarding the issue. You may also want to seek the advice of a board certified opthalmologist if the condition persists. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Problems after Restylane

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It's unclear from your post why you are taking the Curam (amoxicillin) and where/when you had the Restylane injected. If you have concerns about your filler, you should get an appointment with your injector for an in-person evaluation as soon as possible.

Seek Consultation

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It is unclear what problems you are experiencing. You should seek consultation from your doctor to evaluate what problem you are having. All the best.

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