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Is there a potential for Radiesse to migrate after injection?

Is there a potential for Radiesse to migrate after injection?  For example, could it spread from the cheeks into the nasolabial folds? READ MORE

Radiesse Migrate into the Lower Eyelid Area

I had Radiesse injections recently for facial augmentation. During the procedure, I felt a strange mildy sharp tingling under my left eye and now... READ MORE

Can Very Strong Finger Pressure Dissolve Radiesse or Make It Migrate?

When I have botax injections my doctor uses a lot of pressure with his finger on the sides of my cheeks. Does that make radiesse dissolve or migrate? READ MORE

Chances of Radiesse Migration from Cheeks?

I am considering Radiesse to increase lost volume in the cheek area. What is chance of this substance drifting to another area of the face? Is there... READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected into the bridge of my nose today. Can Radiesse Migrate?

I had Radiesse injected into the bridge of my nose today, and all day long the Radiesse has been moving down along the rest of my nose (till the... READ MORE

Radiesse Migrated to Under my Nose?

Had Radiesse injected 3 days ago, nasolabial. Possibly improper injection or product migrated! I can feel a large bulge under nostril from inside... READ MORE

Can migrated radiesse be removed from my upper lip?

I had radiesse placed above my lips (under my nose) for lines. some migrated into my lip and now I have a white lump on my upper lip. is this... READ MORE

Can radiesse migrate from cheek to under eye hollow? Can joker smile be too much belotero in upper lip for smoker line? (Photos)

I got 2 syringes of radiesse(was not told its non reversible) into nasal folds and was Convinced i needed cheeks too, and i did 1 syringe of belatero... READ MORE

Could my nose be fractured or could it be that the filler migrated? I have a bump and its tender.

A month or more ago I got a radiesse filler went back for a retouch. I saw my nose swell up on the right side when the syringe hit the bone. It went... READ MORE

Can Radiesse migrate from temples into cheek area?

I had Radiesse injected into the temples. Straight away I saw volume there but after about a week the volume started decreasing in the temples and... READ MORE

Radiesse caused swelling of lower cheek? Possible migration?

I had radiesse injected in my cheeks on Feb 2017. 5 months later, the lower part of my left cheek is swollen. I thought I was sick, so I saw... READ MORE

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