Is there a potential for Radiesse to migrate after injection?

Is there a potential for Radiesse to migrate after injection?  For example, could it spread from the cheeks into the nasolabial folds?

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Not to worry Atlanta "Lady"

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No,  Radiesse will not migrate from the cheeks to the NL folds.  We love Radiesse and especially love it in the cheeks to augment the midface.   Other great areas for Radiesse include the nose, the hands, the temple, the facial skeleton and the naso labial folds.   The lidocaine has just about eliminated the discomfort associated with the injectionss.   Good Luck!

Dr Grant Stevens    

Radiesse and Nasolabial Fold Migration

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Fibrous septa provide a dense attachment between the dermis and the underlying subcutaneous fascia of the face.  Injection in the subcutaneous plane is unlikely to lead to migration of a stimulatory filler such as Radiesse.  Although migration is theoretically unlikely, it can occur in the rare occasion.

Radiesse does not migrate.

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Lady I,

From my experience with Radiesse, it does not migrate. Additionally, I have not talked with anyone who has experienced migration either. Radiesse is malleable right when it is injected, but only to mold the shape, not to push in into different tissue planes or locations. I hope this is helpful.

Radiesse unlikely to migrate

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Radiesse is a filler that can be molded after injection to provide the contour you need in areas of the face lacking volume. In your example, the cheeks and nasolabial folds have different planes of injection and are anatomically separated by fibrous septae so you are unlikely to see migration from the cheek (usually injected just over the bone) to the nasolabial folds (injected just below the dermis). Most doctors will recommend to avoid manipulation of the site because with manipulation could cause the material to coalesce in one area (clump) rather than be contoured appropriately. That being said, the product is too thick to migrate from one of the area of the face to another.

Kristina Tansavatdi, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Radiesse Migration

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Any product injected has a slight risk of migration.  However, it would stay within the injection site area.  It would not migrate from the cheeks to the nasolabial folds. 

Can Radiesse Migrate?

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Radiesse does not migrate from the spot where it was placed.  It stays where it is injected to provide the bolster that it is injedced.

Thomas Guillot, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Can Radiesse Migrate

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Radiesse is very unlikely to migrate from the area where it is injected.  It is a calcium hydroxyapatite substance that rarely migrates.  Because of the types of tissue planes in the face migration is unlikely.

Radiesse "Migration"

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After injection the Radiesse is malleable in order to shape the contours of the face. Massaging or placing pressure on the area of injection may help to smooth out any desired bumps, but it does not move into other areas, planes, or tissues of the face. This is simple repositioning and molding, but the filler is thick and will not migrate in your face once set.



Can Radiesse Migrate?

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Hi ladyl.  There is a difference between migration and movement.  Often after injection, we are able to move or manipulate Radiesse in a way that helps accentuate the desired facial contours.  But this does not involve moving the product from one area of the face to another.  It simply means we can reposition some of the product after injection.

Migration is altogether different and infers a movement of the product that was not caused directly by the methods described above.  We can think of no way that Radiesse would be able to move on it's own (migrate) from your cheeks to your nasolabial folds.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Most likely not

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Most likely the injection was in both the cheek and the nasolabial fold and once the sweeling is gone the differential injection will show.

The nasolabial fold is a very tight structure and will prevent this migration

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