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Are Radiesse Lumps at Two Weeks Normal?

I had Radiesse injected in my chin below the lipline where there has been loss of fat after five years in braces. It's been two weeks since... READ MORE

Radiesse - I Look Like a Different Person. Is There Really Nothing That Can Be Done to Fix This? (photo)

I had .5 cc radiesse injected deep in each cheek 14 days ago. It's changed the shape of my face - like a different person. I am very sad. My left... READ MORE

Had Radiesse 2 Weeks Ago. Marinette Folds Are Now Deeper And Darker. What Should I Do?

I went to a clinic to address my marionette lines that have formed over the past year and a half. I was asked if I wanted these lines gone a little or... READ MORE

How to Deal With 2 Week Delayed Adverse (Allergic?) Reaction to Radiesse? (photo)

Had one 1.5cc Radiesse into submalars below existing cheek implants where fat had worn away. Had a lot of swelling immediately after but by 3 days... READ MORE

What is the Reason of Sudden Onset of Swelling After 10 Days of Radiesse Injection?

I injected radiesse in nasilabial fold of a 40 years old woman about 12 days ago.she was right after injection. But a sudden swelling apeared after 10... READ MORE

How to Resolve Bump After Needle Injection? (photo)

Please help! I had Radissee injected on my nose bridge about 2 weeks ago (you can see the 2 injection sites on the attached picture). It left me... READ MORE

Swollen in the Maxillary Sinus Area of my Face - is It from Radiesse

I received a Radiesse injection on the 15th of March - I have had injections for the past couple of years with no problems. This time the right side... READ MORE

2weeks Ago I Had Radiesse Injected In Several Areas of Face. Lips Are Swelling, Is This Normal?

2weeks Ago I Had Radiesse Injected Several Areas of Face. My Lips Swellin Now,normal?!   READ MORE

Squishing Radiesse Hump On Nose Not Working- What To Do?

My doctor tried to fill a small gap on the upper third of my nose with Rasiesse and it left a huge hump that surfaced after 2 weeks! The doctor... READ MORE

What Can I Do? I See No Results 2 Weeks Post-Injectables.

Hi. I had radiesse injected into my cheeks 2 wks ago and I can hardly tell I had it done. I also had juvederm in lips and nasolabial folds and botox... READ MORE

Can massaging the face two weeks after a Radiesse injection cause bad swelling?

I had a radiesse injection in both cheeks two weeks ago with more filler in the left cheek. The left cheek looked overfilled and larger than the right... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Intermittant Numbness After Radiesse?

I had Lidocaine & Radiesse injections approx 2 weeks ago to the Cheeks and Folds around my mouth. Since then I have had intermittant numbness... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Injected in my Nasal Labial Folds Two Weeks Ago, Now Experiencing Swelling and Numbness. Why?

This morning I woke up and my left bottom lip is completely swollen and numb. The radiesse on the left side of my face seems diminished. The numbness... READ MORE

Is Burning a Normal Feeling 2 Weeks After Doing Radiesse?

Is Burning a Normal Feeling After 2 Weeks Radiesse READ MORE

I Had a Sharp, Almost Electric Pain with Injection of Radiesse in the Hollows of the Temple Area?

Two weeks ago I had Radiesse injected into the cheeks. Two days ago, I had Radiesse put in the sides of my temples above the cheeks to balance the... READ MORE

Is it ok to mix fillers together that are different from each other?

I just got radiesse in my cheeks 2 weeks ago and I need a touch up. But now I am at a location where I cannot get radiesse and can only get HA... READ MORE

2 Weeks Ago Injection, I Am Getting More Puffy Cheeks with Radiesse. Am I Having an Allergic Reaction?

My cheeks are more puffy than when I had the injection in the lines next to my nose nostrils. The puffiness is moving up to under my eyelids. I am... READ MORE

Has my lip dropped down my face due to fillers? (photos)

About 2 weeks ago, I got some injections (Radiesse) into my lips, nasolabial folds and into the horizontal crease I've had between my nose and the... READ MORE

Are ripples on the cheeks normal after getting Radiesse? (photos)

I had one needle of Radiesse injected 2weeks ago . The one needle was injected into both cheeks and the folds. I have had jervaderm done in the past... READ MORE

Forehead swollen due to Radiesse injection onto nose bridge. Will it recover again? What else can I do about it? (Photo)

My forehead was swollen after radiesse injection to volume up my flat nose bridge. After 14 days the swell is still there. I went back to my doctor.... READ MORE

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