Zirconia Vs Empress Vs Crowns Emax, What's Best? (photo)

I have temp crowns on my 2 front teeth and am waiting to get my zicronia crowns made and put on. I am in Korea and this has been a nightmare trying to find the best option with a language barrier. My dr. has told me that my teeth are very white compared to Koreans teeth and he is worried about matching the color. I want my crowns to match the rest of my teeth and look the most natural. I am 23 years old and my teeth have been whitened. what's best, emax empress or zicronia considering my shade?

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Emax Crowns For Front Teeth

Without question, Emax is your best choice for strength and aesthetics.  These restorations are amazing with the right dental technician.  I have placed several thousand Emax restorations in the last few years alone and can tell you that nothing compares to this material.  In addition, I would veneer your two lateral incisors as well.  Your case would look much better if you can.  Good luck.  

Houston Dentist
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Zirconia is strongest, but not as pretty, Empress is prettiest, but not the strongest, and Emax is in between.  Two front teeth is normally best treated with Empress or a feldspathic porcelain, since the strength issues are less important on front teeth.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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Material choice for front crowns.

e.max is by far the best choice.  Very strong and exceptional esthetics.  Just make sure you have it done by an experienced dentist who uses a high quality lab.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
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Zirconia Vs Empress Vs Crowns Emax, What's Best

emax would be the best choice for strength and beauty.  Make sure you are happy with the color BEFORE permanent cementation.  If you don't like the color, have them remade or wait till you're back stateside.

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist
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Have your doctor take a photograph of your teeth without the temprories. If the underlying shade is close to your adjacent teeth, then you can go with Empress for best esthetic results but the crowns are not going to be as strong as Emax or Zirconia crowns. The best compromise is Emax. Exceptional strength and life like esthetics. A custom shade match at the lab will give you the best results

Aria Irvani, DDS
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Ceramic choices to restore front teeth

Wow, I can imagine how frustrating this could be, to get esthetic treatment done oversees.

Zirconia is strongest but lacks translucency, and hence difficult to match with natural teeth.
Best material choice is Feldspathic Porcelain or Empress, which can almost `disappear’ if made well by good ceramist.

Emax is another good option, and is stronger than the others and matches very well.
Good Luck!

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

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