I am 6 weeks post opp, I had Brazilian butt lift, liposuction the back and flanks and a tummy tuck.

1) how long will it take for the stitches to fall out 2) do I need to continue wearing a compression garment 3) I seem to have lost a lot of volume on my butt is this because I had to sleep on it as I couldn't sleep on my belly and sides because of the funny tuck.

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6 weeks after bbl and liposuction

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I think these are all good questions but at this point you should ask your surgeon these specific questions because every surgeon is different. 

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I am 6 weeks post op, I had brazilian butt lift, liposuction the back and flanks and a Tummy tuck.

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Hello thande,

Thank you for your question.

1-If your surgeon use dissolvable stitches there should had been dissolve by now, if not just have them take them off in your next follow up. 2- The longer you wear your garment the better the results. 3-Well the transfer would always have a percentage of fat they it would died is a cell the died in the transfer or after.

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Hi DEar:

The stitches if your doctor told you that they will fall by themselves, they can fall out in 4 weeks if not try to communicate with your PS, yes you have to continue wearing your compresion garment at least for two months, 3) all patients lost 15-25% of the fat transfer to the buttocks, it does not matter if you sleep or not on your back.

Hope help you. It was a pleasure to answer your question. Good luck.

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