How much cc's are in 1 lb of fat? And how do Dr's inject >1000ccs...the math doesn't add up?

I am getting a BBL in July in Florida. I'm 5'3"and 120 lbs and I want 900-1000 ccs in each cheek. My ideal weight is 115 (i have small bones), so I have about 5 lbs of fat in my torso already. Is this enough fat for what I want or do I need to gain more weight? I read about ladies getting >1000 ccs injected in each cheek, but I read that you only like to take 4000ccs. 1/3 of 4000 is only 1333 ccs for both cheeks. Maybe I misunderstood...just want to make sure I can get the 1000 I am wanting.

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Cc's of liposuction

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You have to know that more than 50% of the fat removed from liposuction can not be transfered because of the fluid it comes with it, because of the adiposites being damaged, so if we do  4000 cc of fat being removed, probably only about 2000 or less would be transferred.  More or less, every pound of pure fat (after being treated: decantation and straining) will be about 400-500 cc of fat.
To be honest I do not think (based on your BMI) you would have 1000 cc's to transfer. 
Be encouraged. What ever amount you get even a smaller of what you are expecting (400-600cc's) will enhance beautifully your slender body.
Dr. Cardenas

Fat injection to buttocks

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If one harvests 4000 cc of fat then theoretically all that fat is available for fat grafting.  So if you want about 1000cc in each buttock it may be possible.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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How much cc's are in 1 lb of fat? And how do Dr's inject >1000ccs...the math doesn't add up?

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Only your surgeon will know what is reasonable for your body with the liposuction and BBL that the surgeon usually performs.  If you have 2000 cc of fat to be harvested, I would get it.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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