BBL did not stay at all. Any suggestions?

I had a BBL about 9 months ago and within 6 weeks it was all gone... i went back to work in 5 dys but i sat on a boopie cushion....I am considering i am going back to the same doctor for a tummy tuck considering having it done again... what are my chances that it will stay this time?

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BBL did not stay

Thanks for your inquiry.  I would say that to really maximize the amount of fat survival, you want to try to stay off your buttocks and not sit for as long as possible.  I recommend that my patients do not sit for at least 2 weeks.  Then afterwards, I instruct them sit on a cushion for about a month.  But even at that point, I tell them to try to limit their sitting time because the fat is still trying to develop its own blood supply to stay alive.  The survival of the fat also has something to do with the surgeon’s technique because when you inject the fat really superficially, it is not as well vascularized so you don’t get that same blood supply.  When you inject the fat deep into the muscle, then you got a lot more blood supply and the fat is more likely to survive.  I hope this helps. 

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Having a second BBL

This is difficult to answer without knowing all the facts of your particular case. Generally speaking, about 60%(or more) of the transferred fat to the buttock should survive after the first few months. Perhaps you did not have enough fat or it was a technical issue, it is difficult to say. The other issue now is whether or not you have sufficient fat to do the procedure a second time successfully. Ask your plastic surgeon or seek out a second opinion (in person) to get a better idea of your options.

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BBL did not stay!

Hi and great question. I appreciate the time you are spending researching.

None of us on this forum were present at your first surgery and this limits our ability to effectively answer your question.  Therefore, I think the first thing to do is discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  He/She may want to do something slightly different because of your past results.  

The main questions I have are:  1) How much liposuction was removed?  2) How much fat was injected?  3)What was the quality of the fat injected?  4) How was the fat processed? 5) How much fat is left on your body (or do you have enough fat for a repeat procedure)?

I understand that you may not know the answer to the above questions; but in order for me to answer your question fully; I would need to know those answers.  Your other option is to discuss butt implants with or without liposuction and fat grafting.  

Best of Luck!

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No results

There is no standard for how long not to apply pressure on the fat grafts ( ie sitting) but at least 2 weeks is minimum but 4 to 6 weeks is better.    Early sitting will decrease the survival of the fat grafts and less of a result.  The other factors are how much fat was transferred, how active you were in the early post operative period (too active decreases results), and too much skin laxity will decrease results ( may need skin excision-- body lifting procedures).   

It is important to note that when a tummy tuck is done, the best position is to sit.  If fat graft transfers to the buttocks are done at the same time, this will decrease the results of the buttocks. 

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If it didn't work the first time?

If your BBL did not work the first time, you want to make sure that it was done right. How much fat was transferred? Do you now have enough fat? Have you considered a buttocks implant if you don't have enough fat. We perform tummy tucks and buttock implants simultaneously. Can you post a photo of your before and after?

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