I Am a Young Man Who Has Severely Soft Cheeks and an Overall Saggy Appearance. I Am Extremely Embarrassed to Get a Consultation?

I have sent pictures before to doctors of my face and they astoundingly agree that even at the age of only 25 I would benefit a great deal from a face lift. All the skin on my face is extremely soft and loos. My cheeks sag a great deal. Its like Im wearing a mask that isnt on tight enough. I know I need some sort of plastic surgery so I can look like the person I am. I am so sick of people thinking im 40, I know its my only option but I am highly embarrassed to make an appointment. PLease help

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Soft saggy cheeks

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A diagnosis must be made. Have you got collapsed hollow cheeks, the a filler would be the best simple choice for a start. My experience in doing that is that in older patients we can delay the need for a facelift. It sounds like you need a volume back in your cheeks first.

After you cheeks have been restored, then you can see how much loose extra cheek skin you have, to see whether a S-lift would be needed. Have you by any chance have pre-mature aging of the skin? I had one patient who was 27 who looked over 45 in which I did a facelift and filler


David Ellis MD FRSCS Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon at Art of Facial Surgery



Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Young man with premature facial aging.

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Hard to say without a photo but you might be able to get by with volume enhancement such as with Perlane or Radiesse in the cheeks or even fat grafts or cheek implants.  Generally, adding volume tightens the skin a little without surgery. You'd be awfully young for any kind of facelift.

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