What to Do About Crepe Paper Skin on Legs?

I am 51 years old. I love my legs but the skin on them has started to look like crepe paper. ome one told me thermage works. I have played tennis and skied my whole life so they are in good shape otherwise. I feel so depressed about them. Can somebody help ome? I would be eternally greatful . Many Thanks!

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Crepe paper skin on legs

If you've played tennis, my assumption would be that most of what you're talking about stems from sun damage. As we age we lose collagen throughout our bodies, including the skin on our legs, which can lead to thinness and a crepe paper feel/look. I would suggest you see a board-certified dermatologist for options. Personally I don't treat the body with Thermage and I traded in my machine years and years ago simply because I didn't think the technology was very good and it didn't yield good enough results for my patients. There are other technologies including Venus Freeze that may help more, but also simple sunscreen and moisturization with various products (like SkinCeuticals brand new Body Retexturing Treatment and/or Body Tightening Concentrate) may help too.

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