What's wrong with my forehead/ what can be done? (photos)

My forehead it looks high and bony. (NOT MPB) and it bothers me. It's weird because in certain lighting or angles it looks normal and has a normal shape/convex... but then in other lighting or angles it looks really prominent & my frontal bone appears to stick out. Also, it looks like on the side of my frontal bone that there are indents or depressions that make it look worse. Is the way it looks b/c of a high hairline? A problem with bone contour? Or both? Based on pics, what should be done?

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If you are not happy with your forehead and would like cosmetic surgery options it is best to see a doctor in person.

If you are not happy with your forehead and would like cosmetic surgery options it is best to see a doctor in person.  You may (or may not) be a candidate for forehead reduction or hair transplant surgery.

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Forehead prominent

You can lower your hairline with hair transplants and get a reduction of your forehead easily.  Look at a 1000 or so such patients below 

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Frontal bone bumps and hairline

Thank you for your question and photos. Everyone's foreheads are irregular with depressions and bumps. some more visible than others. That and the brow prominence is part of the male forehead. Your hairline is average for a a male as well. If you want a lower hairline, it can be lowered (assuming you don't have male baldness in the future). The irregularities on the forehead can be smoothed out a little bit but it wont be a perfectly smooth forehead. Good luck

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Bony Forehead

Thanks for your question!

In looking through the pictures I think I can see what you're bothered about but I'm not sure I'd recommend surgery for it. It's hard to say without examining you myself in person, but you may try covering part of your forehead with your hair if it bothers you. Also little indentions or inconsistencies may be treated with filler or laser depending on the characteristics. 

There are surgeries in which the forehead bone can be drilled down and changed but these are not without significant risks and recovery time- these are often times a last resort. 

Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Dr. Robb

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Forehead shape

This appears to be mostly a problem of the shape of the frontal bone. Lowering of the hairline will not help this. Injectable fillers might first be tried. 

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