What causes my frontal eminences to be so prominent? (photos)

My frontal eminences, and the ridge between them, are all very pronounced. So pronounced, that lighting will create very stark shadows on my forehead. I don't like the way I catch people looking at my forehead, or in some cases, even asking about it.

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Forehead prominences

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Not uncommon for males to have this issue. If it bothers you, it can be smoothed out. Foreheads cannot be perfectly smooth but if there is a specific area that bothers you then it can be improved. It does require an incision in the scalp. Good luck

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Prominent Frontal Eminences

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The prominent forehead bossing is usually an inherited characteristic that can be filled down as long as the bone is thick enough. This usually occurs under the eye brows but can be present anyplace in the forehead.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Forehead prominence

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This would depend on whether you've had a procedure previously.   If this is the case, then it could be seroma, scarring, or post operative changes. 

If you have not had a procedure, a follow up question would be if you've had the prominences previously or this is new development.  Each would require a different work up.

Baubac Hayatdavoudi, MD
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My frontal eminences, and the ridge between them, are all very pronounced.

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Your frontal eminences, and the ridge between them are caused by two factors, Growth hormones and genetic factors of which you have no control

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Non surgical options

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Some people just have more prominent frontal eminences than others.  They often become increasingly obvious with time as hairline recession exposes them to more direct light (creating the shadows you've noticed) and loss of volume from the the temporal fat pad on either side of them makes them appear relatively larger.  They can be reduced with surgery using a burr to smooth them to some degree.  Unfortunately, even if the reduction is done with a small camera called an endoscope, it will leave several scars.  The scars can be hidden under your hair, but any recession would make them visible.   Explaining to people that you have a prominent bone is probably easier than explaining the procedure you had to remove prominent bone.  Consider using a filler to fill the temporal fossa to the sides and maybe even the area between the prominences.  

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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