What shampoo and or conditioner is recommended for before and after a Surgical Hairline lowering procedure?

I thought something with less chemicals might be ideal for the scalp. What did you guys use? Or think might be of good choice :)

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Hairline lowering

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Hi Elle5115,While there is no specific shampoo or conditioner absolutely necessary for this procedure, I recommend my patients to use either an antibacterial shampoo the evening before surgery and the morning of surgery.  Many of these are available in your local pharmacy.  I often recommend as an alternative Johnson’s baby shampoo as this seems to be slightly antibacterial as well.  I recommend these shampoos to be used the evening before and the morning of surgery with particular attention paid to cleaning behind the ears. A light surgical dressing is applied immediately after the surgery and his comes off the day after surgery.  I recommend to my patients to wash, shower and shampoo their hair, generally with a light shampoo such as Johnson’s baby shampoo the day after surgery. Having said this, this is not a particularly important point in this surgery and many shampoos and/or conditioners are perfectly fine both before and after this surgery.Best,Warwick Nettle

Shampoo and conditioner after hairline lowering surgery

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I would recommend that you use what you are used to with regard to shampoo and conditioner after hairline lowering surgery

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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