Vaseline, Aloe gel or La Rouche-Pousay's Cicaplast for atrophic (sunken) scar? (Photo)

I had a mole removed with IPL - laser 3 weeks ago and the scar seems to have sunken in to form a degression or a small hole. Should I apply regular vaseline, aloe gel or La Rouches Cicaplast (said to speed up recovery and promote collagen cell growth) to this area now? Or does Cicaplast work as to shrink scars therby sinking mine down even more?

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Scalpel Scultping Works Well For Aesthetically Removing Moles (Nevi, Beauty Marks, Birth Marks) & Allowing For Lab Analysis

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Your question brings up several important issues.

The first, and perhaps the most important and serious, is the most appropriate way to remove a true mole (aka nevus, "birth mark," "beauty mark"). True moles, whether pigmented or flesh-colored, are an overaccumulation of pigment cells. While admittedly uncommon, the possibility always exists that a malignant melanoma, a very serious and potentially deadly skin cancer, may be lurking within those cells.

Whenever a mole is removed therefore, no matter how benign it might appear to the naked eye (or even with magnification), the removed portion should be sent to the lab to confirm that the mole removed was nothing more than a benign, aesthetic issue. Using a destructive modality, such as IPL (or other energy-based devices), acids, cryotherapy, or electrodessication of a lesion believed to be a mole does not typically permit this. In my over three decade career I have on several occasions discovered true melanomas hidden in what had appeared to be otherwise harmless, unsightly  "beauty marks" that the patient wanted removed for exclusively cosmetic reasons.

The next issue issue is which method to use for removing unwanted moles from anywhere on the skin, but particularly from the face. I have used "Scalpel Scultping" for doing so for more than a quarter of a century with very gratifying results. For more information on this, you can check out the archives of

The final issue is how best to deal with the problem of the indented mark that you currently have. Consider allowing the scar to more fully mature (a process that takes generally about two to three months following any injury or surgery). You may be surprised that site elevates and contracts sufficiently. I have little faith that any of trhe products you mention in your query will have much of an effect at this stage (Vaseline is most helpful during the first two weeks following injury). 

In the event that by 8-12 weeks, the depression remains, subcision, with the addition of a biostimulatory filler, would be a good option for elevating the scar and promoting collagen and elastic fiber "scaffolding."  If still necessary following this, the use of a Dermastamp (a localized microneedling) instrument may be use to help blend any surface tone and texture problems that remain with the surrounding normal skin.

Rather than self-treat, you would be wise to seek consultation and treatment by a board certified aesthetic physician with expertise and experience in scar treatments.  Best of luck to you.

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