Is it true that vitamin C shots help your butt cheeks "grow" ? As a stimulant after a bbl.

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Vitamin C Shots Post BBL

Thanks for your inquiry.  I have not actually seen or heard of any events where vitamin C will help increase buttock size after BBL.  I hope this helps. 

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Vit C shots and glowing Butts

The only thing that Vit. C shots may glow are the pockets of those who sell them. Vit. C is required to prevent Scurvy. A now rare condition brought about serious deficiency of the vitamin by consumption of preserved foods without fruit. Once Dr Lind of the British navy discovered it can be prevented by sucking on a lemon or eating fresh fruit English sailors were forced to eat fruits including lemons resulting in the Brits being called Lymies. 
I have never seen a case of Scurvy in training or clinical practice and there is no reason short of preying on suckers to give people vitamin C shits for glowing butts. 
Dr. Peter. A. Aldea
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