I have dead fat nodules most of my fat died from BBL no other ps will touch me, my own ps says to do round 2 for a price.Advice?

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Dead Fat Nodules Post BBL

I am sorry for your current situation.  Unfortunately, the only treatment for fat necrosis is excision or removing the fat nodules surgically.  You can perform more fat injections to try to camouflage those fat nodules, but it won’t necessarily make them go away, though it can soften them a little bit.  I hope this helps.  Best of luck!

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We will need more information to provide you with good advice about your BBL and fat nodules

I have a couple of comments to offer you here.  First, with such limited information, it is hard to advise you fully.  One very important piece of information is how long it has been since your BBL procedure.  Most of the time the fibrosis that occurs with fat transfer decreases as time goes on, so if it is still fairly early after your procedure, it may be that you need to give things more time to heal.  Sometimes additional fat transfer will be helpful to not only camouflage nodules, but also the cells that come along with the fat cells during the transfer procedure produce certain "chemical messengers" that very often have a positive effect on scar tissue.  But, again, I would not consider anything like this until enough time had passed to really know what's going on.  It also is important to know if anything else was ever injected into your buttocks, like silicone oil, or if you have ever had any other surgery there.  Lastly, it is important to examine you in person to be able to tell exactly what is going on with your tissues.
The second comment I have to make involves your search for a surgeon.  It's surprising that "no other plastic surgeon will touch you," as most of the surgeons I know, myself included, that do a fair amount of fat transfer and understand how the procedure works, will try to help someone in this situation if they can.  If you believe that "most of your fat died" from your previous BBL, then I think it's safe to say that something there went wrong.  In my experience most of the fat actually survives, and while it may not be 100%, it should be most of it.  Thus, I'm not entirely sure your last surgeon is the guy to go back to anyhow, especially if he is more focused on money than making things right for you.  My advice along these lines is to find the closest board certified plastic surgeon who does a lot of BBL surgery and other fat transfer procedures, and schedule a consultation to discuss your options.  You may have to travel a bit out of your area to find the right surgeon with the right expertise who feels comfortable managing your care, but I would be surprised if you couldn't find someone.  I think under these circumstances it is also fair for you to expect to pay the full market fee for treatment you receive from a new surgeon, so although that may come "at a price," too, at least you will be getting a fresh opinion and hopefully a better track record.  Without further information, I'm afraid that's all I can suggest at this point.  I wish you the best of luck in finding someone to help you.

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