When is it okay to lift real heavy weights after FUE?

I am power lifter so I lift elite level weights. Very healthy recovery seems to be good.

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Weight lifting after a FUE procedure

Although you can resume almost all activity after an FUE, I recommend 4 days for cardio and 8 days for heavy lifting.  This ensure the graft is in place.

Weights after transplant

I suggest to my patients to begin lifting heavy weights after one month since your hair transplant. 

John Kahen, MD
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Exercise after FUE

I always tell our patients to wait at least 7-10 days before doing any strenuous activities or anything that might compromise the results of the FUE hair transplant procedure. 

After 10 days everything will be settled and well on the way to healing so you can pretty much return to your regular activities and continue on with life as usual. 

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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When is it okay to lift real heavy weights after FUE?

It is best to wait for at least a week before you start to lift heavily. That way the grafts will have fully adhered and the scabbing should be minimal. This is not the case in a strip excision. It that type of procedure you must wait for most physical activity at least until the sutures are out and even then you should use caution as the healing underneath the scalp in the donor region still needs time to heal. 

William Woessner, MD
New Orleans Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Weight lifting after FUE

Weight lifting after FUE has no limitations after about 2-3 days. There are no weight limits or exercises that you can't do. 

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Exercise after FUE

Usually once the crusting clears up at the recipient site you should be in good shape to start exercising.  The concern with crusting is obviously not only increasing your blood pressure and bleeding, but also sweat.  Crusting is dried up blood from implanting the grafts - any sweat can lead to bacteria in that area and an unfavorable outcome. That being said, your doc may have a different treatment regimen and recommendations based on what was done for you.  It is not a bad idea to give the office a call and see what they recommend.  Best of luck! 

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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