I live in California and have a broken tooth. Will Denti-Cal pay for that?

I have a broken tooth in the middle lower left part of my mouth. This happened today, Sunday, June 19, 2016, while my son and I were sharing a chocolate chip milkshake at a place called Leatherby's here in Sacramento, California. I can't chew on that side now nor on the other side because I have two missing teeth on the upper right side of my mouth.

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Will Denti-Cal pay for a broken tooth?

Hi Ms. Debbie!  Denti-Cal will only pay for basic services. If your tooth is broken, I think they will pay to have it extracted only. This program really only provides basic dental coverage which would be a cleaning once a year and needed x rays. Silver fillings if there are cavities and dentures and needed extractions. You need to find a dentist that has an in office plan, like discount plan that covers general dentistry.  We have one in our practice and it covers all treatment by a general dentist so you could have your tooth repaired instead of extracted!  The plan is called Amerinet. It has worked well in our office for people that do not have insurance and need help with their dentistry.  Check in your area in North Highlands to see what dentists have a discount plan in their practice.  Hope this helps!

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