Is it due to my health why my teeth are breaking off at the roots?

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Tooth Decay

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If your teeth are breaking off at the roots, it may be caused by dental decay. I would suggest that you see your nearest Oral Surgeon or general dentist for an evaluation so they can determine a treatment plan that will help you improve your oral health.

Our teeth say a lot about our overall health.

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Your teeth are "breaking off" at the roots because you have tooth decay at the surface.  

Your health may be a factor, but I don't know anything about your lifestyle, diet, oral hygiene habits, genetics or other health factors.

Dental care is an integral component of basic health and hygienic maintenance.  My recommendation is to consult with a dentist.  Find someone you are comfortable with and start today to prevent further decay.

Oscar Hernandez, DMD
Bradenton Dentist

Breaking teeth

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Your teeth may break off at the roots for many reasons, a very common one is due to very large cavities. Diet and health can directly affect the health of your teeth.  
It is possible that on rare occasion that genetically you may have "weak" teeth.  Either way, a visit to a dentist will help shed some light on the situation.

Melissa Chun, DDS
San Bernardino Dentist

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