MY calve hurts for 5 days ongoing , after being injected with botox to shrink the muscles, should I be worried?

I went to have both my calves injected with botox to shrink the muscle. 1 calve started hurting, not the same day or the next day, but like 2 or 3 days later, the pain already last for about a week, about scale of 4 I would say, and its not getting any better.Should I worry about it? It felt more like nerve pain than muscle soreness.If my nerve is damaged, or anything is damaged, will it be reversible? When will it go away?

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Calf Pain Post Botox Treatment

It is unusual to have late onset calf pain after Botox injections. I recommend following up with your provider for an evaluation. 

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Calf pain post botox

It is best to follow up with your provider for an assessment.  Late onset calf pain would not be normal after botox injections.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Calf pain

I would recommend follow up with your provider for evaluation. Calf pain is an atypical symptom to have.

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