Can an X-Ray Show if I Have Buttocks Implants or Injections?


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Xray and Butt implants

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Hello, the buttock implants are made of solid silicone and should be able to be seen by XRAY or CT scan. Thanks

Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

X-Ray to show buttock implants or injections

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Buttock implants would probably show up on an x-ray.  The implants are made of a silicone rubber which is probably only slightly more radio-opaque than fat.  On a side view, they would probably produce a distinctive shape.  From the front view, the outline would also probably be visible if you looked closely.

Silicone injections would be similar, and could probably be seen if you looked closely.  Fat injections would probably not be visible if the fat was injected into the fat of the buttock area, since the x-ray only shows the difference between radio-opacity of different substances.

However, implants or injections wouldn't be as visible as, say, a metal plate, and you might not see them if you casually looked at the x-ray.  I haven't actually seen an x-ray with buttock implants, but I have seen where I had to point out the breast implants on a chest x-ray for someone else to notice them.

James Nachbar, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

X-Ray for Buttock Implants

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Frankly, a physical exam by an experienced plastic surgeon should be all you need.  Best of luck...RAS

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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