I'm Interested in Bottom Implants.where Are the Scars Placed??

you kindly answered my question concerning fat injections to bottom area. I now know that is not what I am looking for. I need more of an implant in that area. My question is where will the scars be and will they be noticable. Do you recommend that sort of surgery for a small lift and fuller shape to that area?

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Where is the scar placed in a buttock augmentation with implants?

The incision for a buttock augmentation with implants is placed in the intergluteal cleft, also know as the gluteal crease. This is the space between both buttocks. The scar is small, about 5-7 cm, and easily hidden by bikini or underwear. The implants result in a fuller buttock with a small lift. I often combine liposuction and fat injections to enhance the contour and gluteal shape. 

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Incision Placement for you Butt Implants

Butt augmentation is one of the fastest growing aesthetic procedures in the United States the last few years. Initially butt augmentation was mostly performed by fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift), however this was not an option for many women that were too thin for a fat transfer procedure. Butt implant surgeries have become a great alternative to a Brazilian Butt lift for patient that are too thin or want more augmentation than is possible with fat transfer alone.

The butt augmentation with implants is performed with an incision in the gluteal crease (the cleft between your two butt cheeks). There are two ways that it is commonly performed, one is with a single midline incision and the second is with two curved incisions along each buttock. Both incisions are well hidden in the crease and covered in underwear or a bikini.

I personally like to use the two incisions for several reasons. The first is that the incisions can be placed in a manor that they accentuate the shape of the buttock-giving patients the amazing curvature to their butt. The incision is also hidden right at the curvature of each buttock (similar to an IMF incision for a breast augmentation).

Please be sure to discuss your butt implant surgery with your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation surgeries.

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Buttock Implant

The incision for insertion of gluteal implants is in the GLUTEAL CREASE, BETWEEN THE TWO BUTTOCKS.

it is well hidden and can be covered with thongs.

The most important question after that is wgere to place the implant

1: above the muscle

2: below the facia of the muscle

3: inbetween the muscle fibers( Intramuscular)

Then you need to choose the right size and the right shape to achieve the results desired. and a natural look.


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Incision for placement of gluteal implants

The most common location for the incision used to place gluteal implants is in the crease in the center, between the two buttocks.

On occasion, when I am also doing a lower body lift type of procedure, I am already making an incision across the top of the buttocks, and in that case, I can put the gluteal implants in through the same incision, so there is no need for an extra incision between the buttocks.

Be aware that there is another option if you are having the lower body lift procedure: it may be possible to preserve some of the skin and fat being removed and use that for the gluteal augmentation instead of implants.

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