Can I work out and go to an amusement park after septoplasty?

It has been 2 weeks since septoplasty w/ turbinate reduction. No bleeding, air goes through both nostrils, buys still a little swollen. I think the stint inside dissolved but not sure, don't have my post op check for 5 more days. Monday I went to universal studios, had no issues but are rides bad for my nose? Also can I workout and start taking things like Advil and fish oil yet?

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Exercise after septoplasty

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It depends on what your surgeon did for you and how you have progressed.   Generally we don't recommend exercise for 4-6 weeks after a septoplasty.  Much of it depends on how extensive your procedure was.  Ask this from your surgeon after you are examined.  Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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Hoe much activity can I safely perform 2 weeks after septoplasty

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Generally, I recommend you ask these questions to your surgeon.  In my practice, in the absence of complaints, I allow my patients to continue to advance in their activities.  If one notes increased swelling, bleeding or obstruction, this means they should slow down.  Advil or Motrin in most patients can be resumed in a week.

Please ask these questions to your surgeon.

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Septoplasty post op

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If it's been 2 weeks since the septoplasty, it is generally safe to go back to exercising and doing your usual routine activities.  I would recommend that you contact your surgeon in regards to this.

Sunny Park, MD, MPH
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